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Over the course of last year, we heard many stories about the late Linda McCartney’s frozen vegetarian food line being given a refresh with new packaging and choices. This week, that new branding is finally being revealed in an effort to “communicate the benefits of the product”. Irving Designs handled the repackaging — with Sir Paul McCartney and his daughter Mary lending a hand.

Paul came up with the new tagline ‘Food to come home to’, while Mary supplied the photography. The three new ready-meals are Thai green curry, Balti curry and Moroccan tagine.

Linda McCartney Foods via Vegetarian Star

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  • Lex

    They need to redesign what’s inside them. Most of the line contains insane amounts of fat & not to mention DAIRY, which is horrible not only for the environment, but for the health of anyone who’s not a baby cow. Why can’t someone come out with a healthy low fat vegan line of frozen food?
    “The Fat You Eat Is The Fat You Wear” – Dr. McDougall

  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    I agree about the dairy thing. are they even organic?! I prefer A) morning star B) some of “Amy’s” products (many don’t have dairy though not sure how many are vegan..


  • Marie

    I have read where they did revamp what is inside the meals too. It is not just the packaging.
    It might be that there are not enough of you vegans out there to feed. You amy be too small a market.

  • jamie lynn

    when my ex went vegan, we discovered he couldn’t eat most morningstar products b/c they use egg in a lot of them.

  • VeggieTart

    Marie–plenty of people who aren’t vegan will eat a vegan meal if it’s good. The local freebie commuter paper mentioned a frozen meal from Kashi that’s vegan, delicious, and not insanely high in fat and calories.

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