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If you’ve ever wanted to take part in those auctions for personal celebrity items, but just can’t find the will to open your wallet in the process — take heart! The British equivalent of Freecycle called MySkip is holding a “24-Hour Celebrity Throwaway” next week! Famous folk like Sheryl Crow, Boy George, Ricky Gervais, Cuba Gooding Jr. and more will all be donating things they no longer have a use for. In Boy George’s case, this probably means personal freedom.

“MySkip’s work is a positive initiative using advanced technology to transform the way we view everyday waste,” said Dr. Gary Kendall, Director of Climate Change Programs at SustainAbility. “We encourage people and businesses to look at reuse as an alternative to recycling because by extending the life of products we will not only help reduce the size of our landfills but minimise other environmental issues such as dangerous greenhouse gas emissions.”

To learn more about MySkip — or participate in the giveaway, jump here for more details.

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  • Julia

    here’s a slightly different take on the celebrity auction. Nine jewelry and fashion designers, including Frank Gehry and Paloma Picasso, have teamed up with SeaWeb and the Tiffany & Co. Foundation to design pieces of jewelry that are coral-inspired, not coral-derived. All will be auctioned off to raise awareness of the need for urgent protection of our coral resources. View and bid on the pieces via

  • michael e. v. knight

    It may have been better to auction off the items, this way they are still recycled and they raise money for charity.