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Ecorazzi told you earlier this year that fashion celeb Tim Gunn recently recorded a video for PETA speaking out against fur. 

“Any designer in the fashion industry who does not want to watch the PETA video and see exactly what happens to animals and how they’re treated and how the product that they use comes to the marketplace I believe is egregiously irresponsible,” Gunn said. 

Now Tim is chatting with our pal Joshua Katcher from about understanding the brutalities involved in the fur industry. Tim tells Josh: 

“You can look rich in a myriad of ways without wearing fur — it’s not at all necessary. With so many great fur alternatives, you can even fool yourself into thinking that your wearing fur. I’m not an advocate of those furs though.”

We just frigin love that somebody as instrumental as Tim Gunn is speaking out against the cruel stuff! Check out the entire video below!!


3 Responses to The Discerning Brute Chats With Tim Gunn About Going Fur Free

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  2. JP says:

    did Tim Gunn present this video to Parsons students?

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