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True, the Round-Up is a day late this week, but trust me —  it’s totally worth it! 

Today we’re pleased to announce 3 NEW VEG BLOGS to the site! First, welcome On Our Sleeve – Leanne Hilgart Meyer’s groovy blog full of fun ways for everyone to get involved in VEG living! Next, say hello to Vegan Break! Vegan Break is a great new blog full of bite-sized vegan videos for your enjoyment. Basically, we think you’re gonna LOVE IT! And finally we’re pleased to introduce you to Farm Sanctuary’s new blog Sanctuary Tales — a behind the scenes look at life behind the barn doors. So what are you waiting for? GO CHECK IT OUT!!!

On Our Sleeve: Vegan in Vegas: donuts, pho bowls, the circus, pear gelato, & fried bananas with coconut ice cream by Leanne
“Cruelty Free Sin City– join me, fellow skeptics! because I sure didn’t expect this.“

Sanctuary Tales: Ducks in the Water by Susie
“The Moulard duck (a Muscovy and Pekin hybrid) is the breed of waterfowl typically used in North American foie gras production.”

Vegan Break: Episode 3 – Iowa Turkey Workers by Michelle Taylor
“One of my key goals for the Vegan Break series is to keep it fun, casual, and informative. But on rare occasions I want to spend a few minutes talking about the meat industry’s behavior.”

HSUS: Fixing Pet Overpopulation by Wayne Pacelle
“Yesterday we celebrated Spay Day, marking the 15th anniversary of this annual campaign founded by the Doris Day Animal League.”

Girlie Girl Army: The (vegan) Oscar Look for Less! by Chloe Jo
“From jaw dropping gowns to ridiculous jewels, celebrities pulled out all the stops on Sunday night’s red carpet.”

Vegetable Tempura: Vegetable Tempura by Lulu
“I really love vegetable tempura, but it often the batter contains eggs, so I have to skip it when I’m eating at a japanese restaurant. But it’s really easy to make eggless tempura at home.”

Super Vegan: SV DIGEST: PUPS, PARTIES, PRODUCTS & MORE by Roseann Marulli
“I was bummed when Pumpkin’s went under; I like giving my money to vegan places, and how often does a vegan market come along?”

There you have it! Make sure you check back next week for another Veg Blog Round-Up: News From Around The Web!!!