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Jorge Garcia, the dude on LOST that plays the character Hurley, has a blog called “Dispatches from the Island“. As you can guess its a behind-the-scenes look at Garcia’s work on the production of the hit television series, as well as some personal moments thrown in.

Anyways, what caught our eye and inspired some laughter was a recent post titled “We Love These”. In his words,

“They are marshmallows. Or at least marshmallow-like treats. And they claim to be “vegan.” But how can you really tell?  Because if you look at this symbol, it seems like they don’t quite understand what “vegan” means. 100% vegan. And now with real rabbit.”

Hilarious — and that IS an odd logo. However, if you go to the Sweet and Sara website, you’ll find that many others have had this question too. From the FAQ:

Why is your mascot a bunny rabbit?

The mascot represents Sara’s childhood rabbit, Skipper, and her paw of approval that no animals were harmed in the making of Sweet & Sara marshmallows!

Now we know. Just one more mystery solved from the land of LOST. (Oh yea, Garcia is also into crystal deodorant. Rock on!)

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  • ryan

    Sweet and Sara’s marshmallows, s’mores, and other vegan confections are to die for! This small all vegan company seriously makes some of the best desserts I’ve ever had. Even my non-veg parents order Sweet and Sara treats for themselves all the time. Everyone should really check them out. You’ll be happy you did. FYI, the peanut butter s’mores are seriously ridiculous.

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  • jaxin

    I love those peanut butter s’mores too. :D

    I don’t get why it’s odd? A bunny logo is the usual symbol for “cruelty-free”.

  • jamie lynn

    psshht. i tried that deodorant and it STILL did nothing for me.

  • Sweet & Sara

    Hi! Sara, from Sweet & Sara! We are the only manufacturer of a vegan marshmallow – our marshmallows are 100%animal/gelatin-free and 100% divine! so our logo represents my childhood bunny (the reason i became vegan) and that no animals were harmed in the making of our scrumptious mallows!

  • parrish

    I will go on record and say that I am OBSESSED with Sweet & Sara’s products! Readers: BUY THESE MARSHMALLOWS!!!

  • Aelys

    OK, non-English native speaker here, the crystal deodorant Garcia is referring to is alum, right? If so, I’ve been using it a few months now. Works great.

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  • Jennie

    Now you can make fantastic vegan marshmallows at home.

    My recipe uses agar agar and soy protein isolate which most commercial brands use too. The soy protein isolate makes a fluffy mix into which the jell mixture is beaten.

    Follow the link below to be taken to my recipe