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Received this email from Martin Sheen’s personal assistant last night:

“Just to let you know that Martin Sheen has signed on supporting the Capitol Climate Action in D.C. tomorrow, Monday March 2nd. at the Capitol Power Plant.”

“He cannot be there due to a previous commitment but wishes all the participants well.”

If this were any other celebrity, we’d call that a pretty lame act of endorsement — but we know Sheen is genuine in his support and would definitely be there if he could. The guy has been arrested an incredible 65 times for his political activism in non-violent protests.

In D.C.? Got warm clothes? Hit the protest at the Capitol Power Plant right now!

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  • anne slattery

    martin sheen should stick to acting. and he’s not all that good at it ! these hollywood elite havent a clue. what a jerk

  • mindy rodriguez

    who cares! all those hollywood hot shots that helped to put obama into office are participating in a deafening silence when it comes o fighting for our seniors so they do not have to take obama’s duty to die bills! just where are your now, martin? guess everyone in hollywood is mighty loud about everything they think obama like BUT NO ONE IN HOLLYWOOD HAS ENOUGH COURAGE TO FIGHT AGAINST THE DUTY TO DIE BILLS WHICH WE SENIORS HAVE STUDIED MORE THAN OBAMA!

  • Donna

    Martin Sheen who?