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Jennifer Garner and Violet aren’t the only famous mommy/daughter team to hit the LA Farmer’s Market! Jessica Alba took her daughter Honor Marie, along with a friend, to sample the fresh produce on Sunday. We’re pretty sure that’s also a RuMe reusable bag in the photo there too!

Photo Credit: INF Photo

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  • jeremy

    i’m sorry, but if she’s being featured on this site as “green” … why don’t you ask her why she’s driving around in huge gas guzzling SUV….

    she’s a hack.

  • sally

    Does anyone know where i can buy that black bag she has with her? I want one! I think the brand name is RuMe…its a reusable bag.

  • michael

    Sally — link is in the post!

  • Stephanie

    Yes, it is the Connectivity RuMe Macro. Love the brand, RuMe stands for Reuseme.

  • chrissy

    the bag site is, i own several and absolutely love love love them!!!

  • ll

    Maybe Jeremy is the hack – at the very least, he seems to have very bad eyesite. I’ve noticed the big hybrid label on Alba’s car, pity he was too busy insulting a woman he’s never met to look for himself.

  • jeremy

    if you knew anything about cars, you’ll know that just because it says “hybrid” doesn’t mean that it helps the environment any more or makes a major difference from its prior model. a baby stroller can fit into their toyota hybrid just as easy is all i’m saying.