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“No, I’m not a true vegetarian. I eat chicken and occasionally fish. I hate eating animals, but I have to get some protein in and the best way for me to do that would be to eat chicken or fish, although my kids eat tofu. I don’t eat red meat.”

-Jenny Garth breaking my heart one word at a time by claiming she can’t get enough protein from animal sources. At least she’s acknowledging she’s not really a vegetarian unlike some celebs I know (Gywenth Paltrow, please stand up). What do you think about Garth’s flip floppy vegetarianism? Chime in and offer the Jenmeister a little encouragement to go all the way!! !


  • Lisa

    Can’t say she’s the brightest bulb, but every drop in the bucket counts, right?

  • steph

    how come it seems that celebs cant wrap their brain around how to get protein not eating meat while millions of “normal people” live happy and healthy live being not only vegetarian but VEGAN.

    Are they lazy or just frickin stupid…

  • hil

    At least she’s honest. I think that cutting meat way back is a huge step, and if everyone in this country did it it would make a large impact on the meat market as well as the environment. Maybe she has a problem with soy since she mentioned her children eat tofu while she eats chicken? Who knows.

  • Alyssa

    yeah, yeah!! Here’s list of plant-based mega protein! Most of its from soy products but plenty of others, which also include high iron like the chia seeds. Sprouting almost any bean will rock you with protein too.
    tempeh, tofu, seitan, lentils, black beans, chickpeas, pinto beans, quinoa, chia seeds, TVP, sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, lima beans, veggie burgers, veggie dogs, black eyed peas, peanut butter, almond butter, soy milk, hemp milk, vegan protein powders, soy yogurt, fortified foods, amaranth, spirulina, chorella, split peas, whole wheat, even potatoes have protein!

  • Lex

    Hey Jenny where do fish and chicken’s get their protein?

  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    she doesn’t need soy. soy is gross.

    raw vegans do just fine and most don’t eat soy or not that much of it.

  • herwin

    well, she herself doesnt pretend to be a vegetarian, so i fail to see how she could be a flippy floppy vegetarian. she just cuts the meat part out of her diet, right ? well, thats a good start. :-)
    step one, step two..

  • Nicole

    At least she doesnt eat red meats…..she’s much more closer to being a vegetarian than millions of others and I think its great that her kids eat tofu!

  • Inga Ambrosia

    Why are all these celebrities backtracking? Are they being blackmailed? Are they not getting roles because of their former stance on animals? Weak! If .. I mean when I become famous, I will shout it from the rooftops and whoever doesn’t like it will have to just deal … sorry.

  • Elaine Vigneault

    She said, “I have to get some protein in and the best way for me to do that would be to eat chicken or fish”

    …should have been more honest and said:

    “I have to get some protein in and the best way for me to do that would be to eat a variety of plants, but since I don’t want to do that, I eat dead animals.”

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  • susan

    Isn’t she one of Heidi Fleiches ex-hookers? Have you ever watched the bimbo try to talk? She makes me sick. Her videos for Hidden Valley Ranch make her look like an idiot. I swear she’s a dead ringer for Anna Nichole Smith.

    I heard she stalks innocent people and writes nasty story lines about them and their families. Bad enough she’s talentless, stupid, but now everyone who’s every crossed her path is being used and shamed publicly for free stories for her tv sitcoms.

    With all the money she’s paid and she has to steal someone’s personal life just to get by as a script, very sad, like her career.