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“I haven’t eaten red meat for 40 years. I wish I could give up chicken (except free-range) but then I’m down to fish which seem a) tainted, and b) endangered. By the way, I don’t not eat meat mainly for health reasons but also because I had an epiphany walking through Les Halles at the age of 23 that eating meat is disgusting, arrogant, oblivious and unconscionably cruel. Moving on … I try increasingly to eat only organic veggies and fruit.”

- Candice Bergen making me super frustrated by explaining that even though she finds eating meat “disgusting” and “unconscionably cruel,” she STILL does it. What the Jenny Garth is going on? I’m gonna hold a workshop for all of these almost VEG celebs out there and show them that plant protein is badass! FOR REAL!!! 


  • Shelly

    Excellent and humorous article! She states, “eating meat is disgusting, arrogant, oblivious and unconscionably cruel” It never ceases to amaze me that people think eating chicken and fish is somehow less cruel than “red meat”. So if it’s not meat you’re eating from the chicken and fish what is it? And give me a break on the “free range”…

  • Elaine Vigneault

    They probably just need some vegan experiences. They need to see how vegans eat and live to really ‘get it’ and understand that it can be done. They’re worth viewing as “potential vegans.”

  • Green Diva Meg

    She doesn’t claim to be vegan and even states that she doesn’t eat most meat for ‘health reasons’. At least she seems like a relatively conscious carnivore. ;)