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Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday!!! You know what that means, don’t you? It’s time for yet another Veg Blog Round-Up: News From Around The Web (echo: eb, eb,eb,eb)!! Whether it’s fish with human faces or legislation to help put an end to shark fin soup, you can trust that our fellow bloggers have you covered! Enjoy!!

The Discerning Brute: Easy, Cheesy Toaster Pizza by Joshua Katcher
“Remember the days before you knew about dairy farming, when you’d come home from school and pop a frozen Ellio’s pizza into the oven and just 10 minutes later you’d have a crispy, cheesy treat to eat while watching Duck Tales?”

[Editor note: OMG!! This looks AMAZING!!!] Veggie Products Turn Vegan by Erik Marcus
“Thanks to a campaign by Compassion Over Killing and others, top natural food companies are getting the message that eggs are an undesirable ingredient to include in their products.”

HSUS: No (Shark Fin) Soup for You by Wayne Pacelle
“Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Shark Conservation Act of 2009, designed to end U.S. involvement in the monstrous cruelty of shark finning—hacking the fins off a live shark, with the animal then thrown overboard to die. For soup.”

Vegan Soapbox: Dear Vegetarian… by Eccentric Vegan
“Hey vegetarian! So, I heard you’re a vegetarian but not a vegan. I sympathize. I was vegetarian for a long time before I went vegan. There were a lot of reasons I didn’t go vegan and I’m guessing there are a lot of reasons you haven’t gone vegan.”

VegNews: Heavenly Honolulu by Denise Herrick Borchert
“Hawaii’s capital boasts gorgeous beaches, fragrant flowers, and an endless variety of fun under the sun. Escape the cool temps and hop on a plane for a visit to this island veg paradise with former Oahu resident and VN staff photographer, Denise Herrick Borchert.”

Living Without Meat: Vegan Companies for All Your Needs by Sally Andersen
“One of the first projects that I tackled for my job with the Humane League was selling ads for the new edition of our Philadelphia Veg Eating Guide. I’ve worked in retail sales, but had no previous experience in ad sales.”

PETA: Will Human-Faced Fish Save the Seas? by Liz Graffeo
“According to an article in the U.K.’s Telegraph, two female carp in a small pond in Chongju have adapted to look like humans! Check out their distinctive noses, eyes, and lips.”

Do you have a VEG blog that we just HAVE to see? Chime in and let us know where the sugar’s at!

  • Catherine Capozzi

    The website posted above is actually a vegan column–I refer to Ecorazzi for some great info on the vegan world. Thanks for your excellent work!

  • Nicole

    Thank you for the links to those fabulous blogs. The toaster pizza looks amazing!

    I’ve got a vegan blog that you might enjoy!

  • kelly

    You should check out this college student’s food blog –>

    There is no refined sugar or flour in any of the recipes.

  • Mat Thomas

    I love the roundup, but I hope PETA will look at my blog, My last post was about the first vegan TV character, Mr. Spock.