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Just when you think the world couldn’t possibly need another top-level domain (.tv, .biz, .travel, etc.), along come Al Gore and friends to ask for another.

A company called Dot Eco LLC is petitioning for the creation of the .eco top level domain through the ICANN gTLD application process. The advisory board for the group includes includes Davis Guggenheim (director of An Inconvenient Truth), Roger Moore (renowned actor and Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF), Richard Muller (Author of Physics for Future Presidents and contributor to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and Jim Dufour of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Joining this effort is Al Gore and his non-profit, the Alliance for Climate Protection.

On one level, I can kind of see where having .eco domains would be beneficial to companies, individuals, etc. seeking to highlight their environmental initaitives and efforts. On the flip, however, this means that every already established green entity out there is going to want to fork out whatever costly yearly charge is assigned to this .eco domain to retain branding. I don’t neccessarily see how creating this domain is truly something we need to be focusing on. The web seems plenty healthy without it. What do you think?

[Update: Okay, here’s an interesting aspect of the .eco domain. From the website, “Profits from registration fees will be used to fund scientific initiatives and research in climate change, ocean analysis, economic policy, and other environmentally related areas.” Still, does this justify its creation?]

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  • Jesse

    Yeah, right. BAD idea. ‘Eco-‘ is an entirely subjective concept.

    (Aside from the fact that it could mean economics, the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings, or West Africa’s common currency… among others)

    Vegans: would it be kosher for a free-range, organic farm to have a .eco domain? What about fur? You know some people consider fur production “ecologically sustainable.”

    Come on Al, ditch the mansion, airplanes and cars, if you really care. We’re going to lose everything in the Global Warming meltdown anyhow, why cling to such silly, fleeting luxuries?

  • herwin

    i remember the recent clash between environmentalists pushing for more toxic testing for a “safer environement” and animal rights people (and other people who didnt loose their sanity) because these toxic tests means millions of new cruel animals tests each year.

    anyway, somebody’s going to make big bucks with the eco domains.

    instead of promoting nonsense al gore should bring down his energy consumption level of his home, and start considering at least reducing meat consumption.

    al gore is earning big money on his eco trip i dont trust him and cant respect such a person.

  • herwin

    more info on the enviro groups like WWF (nooo, the other WWF!) who were pushing for animal cruel toxic tests from our good pals at Peta

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  • Dominic

    Come on!! These guys are creating a unique means to fund more research. The naysayers that sit on their hands and whine AND have the biggest mouths do NOT impress me. I give them, yes, including Al all the support I can muster. How much $ do the dudes that own .com, .net, etc. give back. Not a nickel. I want some answers and this is really cool. Let’s hear from all the people that want to make a difference, not to sit back and fry….

  • Mike

    Al Gore is a proven buffoon. Its safe to say he’s certifiable.