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alo-055376-copyWhat the Sea Kitten slaughter is going on here?

You might remember a few months back when Jeremy Piven got mercury poisoning, thus causing him to leave the Broadway production of Speed The Plow, thus causing the producers to get super pissed, thus causing a bunch of court nonsense, thus, thus, thus, thus!

Well Jeremy was spotted in Miami this past weekend chowing down on both calamari salad and tuna tartare. Let me do a little math for you: tuna dinner + mercury poisoning= bad idea! 

Dr. Grace Keenan told OK! magazine:

“After recovering from mercury poisoning, a patient should be avoiding foods that are known to be contaminated with mercury, such as tuna, for at least three months.”

So there — doctor’s orders! Let’s hope Piven doesn’t have a relapse! We hear mercury poisoning is a bitch!


  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    I know there’s some kind of case trial going on because he skipped out on that Broadway play causing the theatre and actors and promoters to lose millions. I don’t remember who the board is looking at the case but I hope he loses and has to pay big time. Trust me he’s an arrogant prick.


  • DJ Karma (of VegSpinz)

    Really? That’s too bad- I thought he was a cool dude. Did you see his documentary in India? He didn’t seem like an arrogant prick. I agree it’s a poor decision to eat tuna after the poisoning, but maybe he’s trying to cut out beef and chicken, and that’s all he THINKS he can eat. I know someone who did that- luckily no poisoning though!

  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    I’d like to see the documentary. I like his shows but besides reading how he has stiffed waiters in several different states (one he just left a copy of entourage for them instead of a tip- what a dick) Yes I do know from when I lived in Los Angeles that he was not an especially nice person (that’s putting it mildly :)


  • DJ Karma (of VegSpinz)

    Thanks for the personal account… how disappointing! Well, looks like karma’s biting him in the ass right now LOL!

  • greengoddess

    Who cares. Piven is still HOT!! He can eat me if he wants ha!