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While Sarah Palin’s out there encouraging everyone to shoot em up, it’s nice to see that some elected officials are trying to make the world a more peaceful place.

Canadian Senator Mac Harb introduced a bill on Tuesday to ban Canada’s Seal Hunt, which is responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of baby harp seals a year.

Oh but guess what? Harb failed to find even one other senator who was willing to support it. Are you kidding me? SERIOUSLY? Are you frigin kidding me here?

Earlier this year, Ecorazzi spotlighted A Sealed FateNigel Barker’s film detailing the brutal seal hunt that takes place each year in Canada. Nigel is a spokesperson for the Humane Society of the United States and has worked tirelessly with their dedicated team to help end this magnificently awful trade.

Senator Harb’s bill was the first time that a Canadian politician has proposed banning the seal slaughter and was inspired by a pending EU ban on the importation and sale of most seal products.

Learn more about why we should all join Senator Mac Harb and support the seal hunt in Canada at!

photo credit: nigel barker

  • Deena

    Thank you Mr. Harb! Finally a politician with some compassion and sense. Will this brutality ever stop!? Who is buying these pelts anyhow?

  • MC Canner

    Hey Mac, that bill isn’t going to be passed anytime soon.

    I would take a hint from your coligues, leave our hunt alone.

    MC Canner

  • Sharon Kennedy

    Finanally a Senator who understands that this wanton biocide must be stopped. As Scriptures instruct all life is formed to glorify God.

    Light and Joy


    For the past 40 years I have dreaded only one aspect of spring. The visions of dead, skinned infant seals, deprived of life and skin, lying on the ice off eastern Canada & Newfoundland. Thank you, Senator Harb for taking a stand finally. Ghandi said that a country is judged by how it treats its’ animals. Every time i hear the word “Canada”, I see red ice and dead babies. I hope this bill passes. Thank you!!!

  • jamie b


  • s

    he couldnt even find one other politician to support his bill? WOW am i glad im not canadian!

  • Kelly Carson

    Senator Harb has finally spoken for the Canadian majority. The silence from the other senators does not surprise compassionate Canadians as we watch OUR tax dollars fund the federal Coast Guard as they lead the “sealers” through the ice to the nurseries by icebreaker (cost of crew, fuel, upkeep), use of helicopters to keep away observers (cost of crew, fuel, upkeep), rescue stranded boats (cost of rescue co-ordination, crew, fuel, upkeep) and keep these immoral men (6,000 of them) in unemployment benefits during their “off” season.
    Six thousand east coast “fishermen” have held our country hostage long enough. It’s time our government listened to the millions in Canada and abroad and put a stop to this atrocity.

  • Bob Cajun

    I’m so glad to see that something is finally being done to stop the hunting and killing en mass of these animals.

  • Deb

    I’m Canadian and I can honestly say that this country is a very sad and backwards place when it comes to politicians. Imagine Sarah Palin x 100 when it comes to budging on this bloodshed blight to the country. Mac Harb is a national hero. The rest are cowards. I taped a speech he gave last weekend in Ottawa for the international day of action against this senseless slaughter. he was amazing. To view it, go to

  • Patrick Ward


    For the SIX TRILLIONTH time Canadians (the majority) do not, support seal hunting, I would hazard a guess they hate it more than you or I do. McCanner, nice to see you again. Unfortunately you’ll have to accept it. Your “hunt” is on the way out. And the world community is smiling on that. Once the market for fur dies completely, as bugs bunny would say that’s all folks.

  • Leah

    Bless Sen. Harb,but it has begun again…
    It is heartbreaking. When Putin calls it a bloody business…
    How in hell can they call it a hunt?

  • Julie W. Webster

    Finally a Senator who is compassionate.
    Maybe the film “A Sealed Fate” — Nigel Barker’s film – shoud be shown to Mr. Harper and the children of all the representatives. Let the children have a voice..I am sure they would vote to end this senseless slaughter.
    Thank you Senator Mac Harb for being a voice for these pups.

  • Patrick Ward

    It’s not a hunt it’s a f**king farce, and a great day it will be, when it does go. I will be flying a Canadian flag outside my house for a week.

  • Tom Lahey

    May God bless you Mr. Harb. PLEASE do not give up your quest to end this savage and barbaric atrocity that gives all Canadian’s a black eye and causes the world to look at them as an uncivilized disgrace to the world.

  • Jane Walton

    On behalf of the majority in Canada and for all animals that have no voice, I thank you Senator Harb. In the same note, I am incredibly disgusted by the remaining Senators for their lack of respect for life, for their inhumanity, and for NOT LISTENING TO THEIR CONSTITUENTS!!! WE DO NOT WANT THIS SEAL HUNT…it is wrong…look at the rest of the world…we’re suppose to be the best country in the world to live in, and we’re a disgrace because of one thing…THE SEAL HUNT…everyone else has or is banning the seal hunt…gee, I wonder why??? BECAUSE IT IS CRUEL, INHUMANE, and WRONG!!!! Senators and MC Canner…how would you like someone to take a knife, club, hook to one of your children while the whole family looks on, and rip their skin from their bones…while they’re still alive??? How does that sound? THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THESE ‘sealers’ ARE DOING TO 200,000 living, feeling, loving, emotional animals every year…animals just like us…animals just like YOUR children. GROW UP, SMARTEN UP…and do what the majority of CANADA is freaking screaming at you to do…END THE SEAL HUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tim Smith

    I read something quite farcical, in an old travel guide about Canada. “Efforts to make the baby seals a tourist attraction (as with whales) have only been marginally successful, and killing them is a better option.” I set fire to that page and thought how utterly ludicrous. OF COURSE people will go for it. Seal pups are close relatives of the dog, and if people will PAY THROUGH THE NOSE to see whales THEN I DON’T SEE WHY THEY SHOULD MIND PAYING A LOT SEEING SEAL PUPS. GET YOUR F**KING ACT TOGETHER CANADIAN BEARAUCRATS I THOUGHT THE LIKES OF AMANDA VANSTONE AND PHILLIP RUDDOCK WERE BAD BUT YOU MAKE THEM ALL LOOK LIKE SAINTS.

  • Melissa

    Thanks you senator for trying your best to get this bill passed. I really don’t know what’s wrong with the other senators for not seconding your motion. I hope that you contiue to try and help the seals in the future. It is hard to believe that Canadians as a group support this horrible slaughter. I am not very proud of my country in this aspect. A very selfish complacent bunch.

  • Patrick Ward

    Melissa, judging by the garbage I read on CBC, CTV, and even Answers Yahoo and I think you’re right. Just about every contributor trotted out the usual garbage “it’s humane” “well regulated” “it’s a tradition” “we don’t kill the baby seals anymore” “why aren’t you worrying about the millions of people suffering in Africa” “animal rights groups are only doing it for the money” “they’re misinformed” unfortunately all these contributors were Canadian. Very disheartening.

  • J. Hoffmann

    Keep up the fight Mr. Harb. You have most “GOOD” human kind on your side. We have to protect all animals from human cruelty. People who can kill like this have NO SOULS!! How can you sleep at night MC Canner and all you other seal hunters?? Hey MC, you should take up spelling like your other colleagues. Seal hunters, change your job and do something kind and decent for once in your life. Otherwise, you may start having nightmares of your children being clubbed, hooked, dragged and skinned alive.

  • Maloney

    In the words of Dr Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1952:
    “We must fight against the spirit of unconscious cruelty with which we treat the animals. Animals suffer as much as we do. True humanity does not allow us to impose such sufferings on them. It is our duty to make the whole world recognize it. Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace.”
    Right now, the only thing the whole world recognises is that the Canadian Government condones, indeed, SUBSIDIZES, this reprehensible hunt every year.

  • J. Hoffmann

    All you good people PLEASE sign the petition that Senator Mac Harb has set up to end the Seal Hunt. You can google IFAW or the Senator’s site. Let all your friends know and pass the message on. I phoned the Senator’s office in Ottawa and they are counting signatures. Also, please take a moment to email the Prime Minister’s office urging him to support the bill to end the brutal hunt. Thank you from the seals who cannot speak for themselves.

  • Jancis Bradford

    Dear Senator Harp:

    Please check the last paragraph at the beginning of this article. In that paragraph it is noted that you support the seal hunt.

    J. G. Bradford

  • Trish

    What does one have to do to become a Canadian Senator? I would second Senator Harb’s bill without hesitation. P. M. Harper, please nominate me to the Senate!!!
    We will win this war. The seal hunt will end. It is just a matter of time…

  • Julie W. Webster

    Another year and another hunt has begun. Please keep the presure on the Canadian government, Senator Harp! Make this the last year. We are behind you. March 2010