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Cylon alert! Ok, that was a cheesy way to start this piece — but we don’t mind it at all when the beautiful Tricia Helfer, from Battlestar Galactica, shows up on our radar. The 34-year-old actress was previously seen on the ‘razz promoting the humane treatment of animals for PETA — much like her co-star, Jamie Bamber, did last last month. Now, Treehugger has the scoop on new plans from Helfer to build a new off-the-grid green home in her native Alberta, Canada. From the article,

The design concept for the property, located on a beautiful, secluded prairie landscape, is a work-in-progress following a steep learning curve. She’s considering a straw bale structure, since her father can grow the straw on his nearby farmland. Admitting to not being a green expert, Helfer says:

“I feel it’s time to start doing my part to make sure that my impact on the environment is minimized and if in my pursuits I can inspire others to do their part – then that will be very rewarding…My goal is to build a house that respects the land in its entirety.”

The actress and her husband, entertainment lawyer Jonathan Marshall, are sharing a chronicle of the green building process, with resources and a comprehensive guide that explains different sustainable home ideas. Methods they intend to incorporate into the construction include passive and active solar energy, capturing and recycling rainwater, and efficient masonry heating.

The modest home will be just under 4,500 sf and be situated for passive-solar gain. Tricia has also posted plans of the home on her website for anyone else looking to take a closer look. Needless to say, the location and home look gorgeous. We can’t wait for the tour!

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