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julialouisdreyfusshapemlc6-220x300The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? Well if that’s the case, Julia Louis-Drefyus just might be on her way to vegetarianism. 

In an interview with Shape magazine, Julia reveals:

“I love vegetables— I should be a vegetarian, and I feel guilty saying I’m not. But I like meat and chicken. So I buy organic foods whenever they’re available and shop at my local farmers’ market whenever I can. There’s something cozy about it. It’s a very friendly environment; you get to know the farmers. Plus, it’s better for the earth because the food is grown nearby, not flown in from some faraway place like South America.”

“My biggest food vice is bacon. In fact, I don’t keep bacon in my house — that would be way too tempting.”

While we think it’s way groovy that Julia’s rocking that local awesomeness, it’s time for her to drop the bacon and realize that animal-agriculture is the NUMBER ONE contributer to global warming.

Dr. Neal Barnard recently told us that he challenges people to go vegan for 3 weeks and see how they feel.  

So what do you say, Jules? Will you accept our challenge and try the VEG way of life for 21 days? We know you can do it! 


  • Edeee

    Hey!^^ I used to be a semi-vegetarian when I was 17, and then I got back to eating every kind of meat, mostly because of my family, but there would always be a little voice in my head which would make me feel guilty about it. I shut it for a while. And now, 19yo I am a lacto-vegatarian, and I’m considering going vegan someday, but just not right now… also I’m a bit troubled aubout the B12 thing, I don’t feel thrilled about depending on vitamins. I wish I could lived in the USA because you have some vegan product we don’t have and I dream of… (or if I could order it on the internet and having it at my door 3or4 days later without paying 35 or 40$ for transportation… may be that would accelerate things here in France?? :)

  • Elaine Vigneault

    Maybe one of the health food stores in Paris has products that you can have shipped to you for cheaper?

  • DJ Karma (VegSpinz)

    Edeee- Did you know that a lot of foods are already fortified with B12, such as soy milk and some cereals? Also, we only need like 1.5 micrograms daily.

  • Rob
  • Edeee

    Thank you, A LOT for those websites, I have been looking for those for a few weeks now but I guess I suck on searching on the internet XD I will use them be sure of that ;)
    I was aware of the B12 being in some fortified products, but I live in a very small town. An eco-friendly shop (biocoop) is about to open and I think I will find the products there.
    Thank you again :)

  • Edeee

    S: I also dind not know about the quantity of B12 (products) to absorb. Thank you for the informations ;)

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