leonardo dicaprio, bike, new york cityAs he’s been doing more of lately, Leonardo DiCaprio hit the streets of NYC on a bike last weekend with some buddies. Joined by fellow actors Lukas Haas, Tobey Maguire and Kevin Dillon — Leo and Co. rode around New York’s East Village neighborhood. One witness, however, didn’t think the famous posse was that hip. “It was surreal,” the source said of the stars’ bicycle journey Friday. “They were laughing with each other, checking out the girls and having a good time — but their mode of transport was really un-cool.” Psh! Sounds prett cool to us. [Read more…]

Matt Damon took part in a grueling 68-mile South African bike race on Sunday to help raise money for the Make A Difference charity. The actor was joined by his his brother, Kyle, and the man he’s playing in a new film by Clint Eastwood, former rugby captain Francois Pienaar. Said Damon, “It was windy at first. We had a bunch of bike problems so we were on the side of the road quite a bit but it is nice to finish, it was beautiful.” [Read more…]

Pete Postlethwaite, star of the new eco-documentary, The Age of Stupid, doesn’t just play a concerned environmental activist on the screen — he’s also living green at home. A wind turbine, solar paneling and a woodchip stove are all a part of the mix. “I must give my wife Jacqui credit here – she educated me,” he says. “She’s very passionate about the environment, studied it for her OU degree and instituted the system where our rubbish gets recycled via 14 different-coloured bins. I’m joking. It’s only 12…” [Read more…]

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  • anony

    I saw other photos of this bike ride, where Leo was smoking a cigarette while riding around – yukk! What a hypocrite – supposed environmentalist, smokin’ up a storm. Second-hand smoke is one of the worst pollutants around, not to mention what smoking does to your body! Perhaps that was what the “uncool” comment refers to??

  • NotMeAnymore

    Oh, get off your high-and-mighty horse, anony. DiCaprio knows d@mn well that smoking is bad. It’s called an ADDICTION, in case you’re unaware – one that he has tried to quit multiple times.

    I’m sure you NEVER litter the environment, and always use alternative transport. You want a hypocrite – look in the mirror, sweet cheeks. It’s staring right back atcha.

  • KateAlexis

    An addiction is hard to kick… but I’d like to kick people who are SO obsessed with celebrities being cool or fashionable or any other label. They’re just doing… which is what we’re all about.

  • anony

    I used to smoke, NotMe, I know damn well how hard it is to quit, so save it honey!

    Also, I DO NOT litter, recycle, compost AND use public transport whenever I can. I drive a hybrid AND am in the process of converting my home to partial solar power. I am an avid environmentalist.

    Amazes me how rabid fans freak out when the object of their pathetic desire does something questionable and then people criticize them for it.

    I used to be a big DiCaprio fan, years back, but I have seen through his duplicity and find him rather pathetic these days.

  • anony

    And also, NotMe….having been a smoker and successfully quit, I can tell you – if he WANTED to quit, he would!

  • anony

    EDITOR: “Matt Damon took part in a grueling 68-mile South African on Sunday…” shouldn’t that be “Matt Damon took part in a grueling 68-mile South African BIKE RACE on Sunday…” ???

  • Elwood

    anony you should get your facts straight before you go bashing people.

    Not that I really give a hoot, but it was reported that the thing Leo has in his mouth is a Smoking Everywhere

    According to Wiki, an e-cigarette is “a battery-powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine while no tobacco, smoke, or combustion is actually involved in its operation.”

    So maybe Leo quit smoking after.


  • NotMeAnymore

    Boosheet, as my friend BIll says. You’re simply looking for somebody to blame for your own issues, anony.

    I hate to burst your bubble, HONEY, but it’s been confirmed: DiCaprio is smoking an e-cigarette (look it up – it’s environmentally friendly, is not real and doesn’t cause pollution).

    Now you’ll have to find somebody else to be the focal point of your whining.

  • http://elainevigneault.com Elaine Vigneault

    Being referred to as “a witness” unworthy of a name or description is un-cool.

    Go Leo, ride!

  • http://www.ecorazzi.com michael

    @anony: Yes. But it sounded right in my head. Correction made!

  • Anony

    NotMe and Elwood, I am big enough to admit when I am wrong. The first photos I saw didn’t report that it was an e-cigarette until much later. So I stand corrected on my criticizm of your beloved Leo. If he is using it to quit smoking more power to him.

    I stand firm on my statement about smoking however – I used to smoke and quit. I know it is hard, but it is very possible. I also stand by my “rabid fan” comment, you could have stated without making accusations at me, NotMe, just because you happen to think an actor is the next best thing, doesn’t mean that they don’t have faults.

  • Anony

    @michael – yes, it reads much better now! :-)

  • NotMeAnymore

    Get serious, anony- I’m not some 10-year-old Titaniac; in fact, I hated that film.

    Sorry, but I don’t buy the judgment. I, too, am a former smoker, but I don’t sit in judgment of those who still do. As long as they don’t blow their smoke at me, it’s okay.

  • PhilMan


    I love how being an environmentalist and smoking cigarette envokes such rage from you. I also love the fact that you hippies think they are solving the world’s problems by driving hybrids and buying organic.

    Here’s some news: hybrid cars are by NO MEANS good for the environment. I don’t understand why you use it to prove your self-riteousness. If you REALLY cared about the environment then you would ride a friggen bike. You also wouldn’t use a computer or many of the other material posessions things you’ve grown accustomed to. But I guess as long as it’s convenient for you, keep paying a couple dollars extra to buy “green” and make yourself feel better about destroying the world. Get over yourself.


  • NotMeAnymore

    Oh, blow it out your conservative butt, Phil. Nag, nag, nag – and be sure to use your typical insults like ‘hippy”.

    Anything but actually change your wasteful living habits.