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Author Mark Bittman recently appeared on The Colbert Report to plug his new book Food Matters: A Guide To Concious Eating.

Bittman, who claims to be a vegan until 6 pm, shares with Colbert that:

“It’s been said by the United Nations that about a fifth or a sixth of all greenhouse gases are produced by industrialized livestock production.”

“You treat the animals like they’re widgets, you churn out 10 billion a year in this country — which means about  30 animals per person in the United States — we eat those, it increases global warming. To the extend you eat less of that meat, you reduce global warming. ”

We think Bittman is on to something. Check out the entire interview below!


  • Becs

    I’m glad that Mark Bittman is bringing attention to the cause, but does anyone besides me have a little bit of a problem with him proclaiming that he’s a vegan until 6 p.m.??

  • Rose

    I can see the logic in getting die-hard meat-eaters to give up animal products for two meals a day; it saves a lot of animals, and it certainly faces better odds than asking them to go vegan overnight (which is what I would prefer, but…). That said, what the hell was Bittman thinking when, hot on the heels of proselytizing about being vegan until 6, he offered up all of these breakfast recipes, replete with dairy and meat?!?

  • The Vegas Vegan

    Just wondering… is Stephen Colbert vegetarian in any way shape or form? I’ve been reading his book (I am America and so can you) and some of the things he says in his chapter on animals makes me wonder…

  • Chuck Potashner

    Colbert is not vegetarian. He eats a peep on camera on the Thursday September 24, 2009 episode. Peeps contain gelatin which is made from skin and bones.