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You know your hair is getting the crap beat out of it with chemicals when even a cancer charity won’t allow you to donate it. Such is the situation for Hugh Hefner’s two new gal-pals — Karissa and Kristina Shannon — who were turned away from donating their bleached locks to the cancer charity “Lengths for Love”. The organization was started by 2008’s “Playmate of the Year” Jayde Nicole to encourage playmates and the public to donate their hair toward raising cancer awareness. From the article,

“The twins (Hef’s new girlfriends) can’t actually donate their hair, the hair used has to be healthy enough to be retreated and not too over-processed,” Nicole told Tarts. “So we’re doing lots of fundraisers and events as well that everyone (including her PMOY predecessor Sara Jean Underwood, Hef’s former flame Holly Madison and his current number one Crystal Harris) can be involved with. Hef is supporting it too; he’s a huge fan of charities.”

Twins, we recommend you try something a little less harsh on you (and the environment). Perhaps the book Natural Beauty would be a good place to start?

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6 Responses to Hef’s Twins’ Hair Too Toxic For Charity Donation

  1. hil says:

    I think the haircolor is a requirement to be one of Hef’s girlfriends :)

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  6. RemyC says:

    That’s funny, we were just talking last night about how all the LA4Green Girls introduced to the world by Maxim photographer Brian Hayes at the GoGreen Expo in LA a few weeks ago, are all blondes… wondering which ones were real, and which ones were bleached.

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