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alo-056855I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Carrie Underwood is hands down my ultimate celebrity crush! Besides being hella talented, this country girl has a heart o’ gold! 

Underwood recently committed to donating a portion of the proceeds from her new version of Mötley Crüe’s Home Sweet Home to one of our favorite organizations: the HSUS!

Home Sweet Home will be the new song played on Idol when contestants are voted off and will be available for download on iTunes on March 16. About her generous gesture, Underwood said: 

“I’ve always loved this song, and besides being very fitting for Idol, to me, the title is also very fitting with animal rescue and finding animals their own homes. So we felt it was important to tie the release into an amazing animal charity like the HSUS.” 

I just got a toothache! Seriously, can this chick get any sweeter?!


  • Christie

    That’s my ultimate fav 80’s hairband song, can’t wait to hear her version. :-)

  • Colleen

    She’s a sweetie that’s for sure!! Her boyfriend (Hockey player Mike Fisher) is one lucky guy!

  • Jen Hamilton

    That is awesome!

  • dalila

    her song is awesome she did motley crue nustice i think their proud!…she puts a touch of carrie on it its soft yet edgy she kept the song original thats what is awesome about it…check iot out on itunes i bought it, its great!!…i am a animal lover myself so the fact that its going to help animals and your money is going toward something good makes it even sweeter….

    carrie is so beautifull

  • Jacob

    I wish she would have sent the proceeds to the Humane Society of America, not the HSUS. The Humane Society of the United States is just a crazy lobbyist organization attempting to pass legislation to make all meat consumption illegal.

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  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    She’s great and so much more talented and attractive than her rival “real girls eat meat” big girl Jessica Simpson. I bet you anything in ten years simpson will be twice the size she is now.

    Carrie rocks!


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  • Mark

    Too bad. Hope she doesn’t really support a radical extremist group like HSUS. Too, too bad.

  • parrish

    Jacob/Mark- You may not agree with Carrie’s decision, but stating that the HSUS is “radical” or “extremist” isn’t fair. And claiming they are trying to “pass legislation to make all meat consumption illegal” is just untrue.

    False accusations won’t help promote your agenda.

  • eileen

    except that the HSUS is radical and extremist. and they are trying to pass legislation to make all meat consumption illegal. seriously! just look at their website. the HSUS has dedicated themselves to totally ridding the united states of any slaughter of animals for meat and protein. they are trying to abolish animal production–wipe it off the face of the earth. they are operating under a policy of lies and deception. they say “animal rights” but all they are doing is taking away our right to eat meat. you can be a vegetarian all you want–i don’t care–but anyone who wants to eat meat should be allowed to. i really hope that she doesn’t support the HSUS…they are the bad guys. if anything, give it to the HSA, who actually is trying to save animals, not kill farming.

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