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Disney is taking a break from selling plastic and sugar and pausing for a moment to think about the environment!

On Monday, the corporation announced plans to cut fuel emissions in half at the company’s retail stores, theme parks, and cruise lines by 2012. And that’s just the beginning.

Disney hopes to eventually achieve net zero direct greenhouse gas emissions and landfill waste. I repeat, zero! This seems highly unlikely considering the fact that in 2006 Disney put 300,000 tons of garbage into the earth.

But keep in mind that these are just “goals.” Beth Stevens, senior vice president of environmental affairs at Disney said:

“We set those (goals) because they were very aspirational. We thought it was important … to communicate a sense of commitment.”

To read more about how Disney plans to make this “small world after all” a cleaner place, check out the full story on!

  • Get Technical

    Maybe it will help offset those ridiculous Mickey Mouse Eggs?:)

  • jamie lynn

    i think theme parks are so awful. a good friend of mine worked at disney world a couple years back and i went to visit (my first and only trip there)–the amount of waste is ASTOUNDING. disgusting. and disappointing. people think nothing of use, use, using and tossing things away, like the earth is on vacation too! i will NEVER set foot on a cruise liner and i do my best to discourage others from doing the same. there are much better options for vacations than crapping all over our planet and paying out the bum for it too.

  • herwin

    its great to see disney makes these commitments and efforts. i still think it is awsome that just a while ago in 2006 Disney didnt renew its cross-promotional pact with McDonalds. seems they are very aware of their image and really want to create a green healthy image, which is only good.

  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    I’m still sporting my Mickey Rat tshirt. Having lived near Disneyland in Los Angeles area (never went there- not once- even though I could go for free) and being too close to Disney world here (never went once as an adult- parents took me as a kid 1x and it wasn’t my thing) I don’t have much faith in Mickey rat and Dizzyworld corp.

    Jamie I hear ya about the cruises. You might have seen me post about Neil Barnard being on a holistic cruise with my friends who were also speakers, but I did not go.

    Cruises are pretty bad. Next trip I’m doing is an eco tour ;) Support non chain inns or eco resorts. Don’t support big chain hotels that waste! If you cruise you lose and whatever you do- don’t support theme parks or the RAT!

    :) E

  • herwin

    i dont get it, whats all the anger with theme parks. of course they suck, but 80% of the world sucks.
    At least the Disney company did cut its ties with McDonalds (no more kiddie seduction with disney caracters at the Happy Meal), and did remove sharkfin from its hong kong theme park.
    that sets a good example for other big businesses who are more likely to follow and be sensitive to animal welfare/rights concerns.

  • Jessica

    I think that the trash cans at DL are so funny. They say “Waste Please.” Ironic.