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Rock legend Sting has opened up for the first time about life on his massive Tuscany farm — a place where he’s resided for most of the last 15 years. The 57-year-old spoke at a Tuscany town theatre last night and described why his farm is 100% organic. ”I am a farmer who looks after the land to nourish it and not to plunder it,” he told the audience.

”I came here and I decided to stay and be a farmer, also because I wanted to nourish my family with genuine quality products in a healthy environment. Everyone knows about my environmental commitment, especially to the rain forests in South America. With this business in Tuscany I am trying to help myself and those who are close to me to live better in a natural context,” he said.

On his 300-hectare estate near Figline Valdarno, (30 km south of Florence) Sting produces extravirgin olive oil, chestnut and acacia honey, jams, fruit, vegetables. This year, he will release his first-ever red wines – a Chianti and a Toscana. Both have been “resting” for about two years and will be available in over 30,000 bottles.

Don’t go thinking that Sting’s organic farm has made him a vegetarian. Besides producing salami, he also admitted that his favorite Tuscany dish is stewed wild boar.

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[Update: After some digging, it appears that you too can stay at Sting’s Tuscany villa for a yoga retreat! Hit this site for more!]

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