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On my first visit to Paris in Summer 2007, I had the opportunity to try out their newly installed Velib bike-sharing service. It’s an incredibly well-designed networked system that allows Parisians to rent bikes all around the city and avoid using cars or crowded subways — while also taking in the beautiful sites all around them. Earlier this week, I was watching a special on PBS talking about the success of the system two years later — narrated by none other than Brad Pitt. (“Success” might be a loose word, as HuffPo is quick to point out that there have also been some gripes about the system.)

Now, Jessica Alba has been spotted in Paris taking advantage of Velib to get around the city. According to People, the actress peddled over the river to St. Germain, where she parked her wheels in a rack and settled down to a steak frites lunch at Relais de l’Entrecôte.”

Ahh, Paris.

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  • Aelys

    The Vélib’ system is great… except that the bikes are so heavy (almost 30 lbs each), there aren’t always special lanes for bikes (gotta use the bus lane!) and helmets are not mandatory. Nearly 50 Vélib’-ers passed away last year for being ran over by cars, trucks or busses :(
    And they installed the same system in Brussels.

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