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dorfman_bookThe Lazy Environmentalist, aka Josh Dorfman, has just released a brand-new book to help anyone go green cheaply and easily.

Titled “The Lazy Environmentalist on a Budget: Save Money. Save Time. Save the Planet.“, it’s the second eco-guide from Dorfman and a welcome addition to his growing green empire. Besides being CEO and founder of the green furniture business, Vivavi, Josh is also the spokesperson for Brita’s FilterForGood campaign to help reduce bottled water waste and for Green Works, Clorox’s line of natural cleaning products. This coming June 16th, Sundance Channel will premiere a new seven-part series called The Lazy Environmentalist featuring Dorfman seeking out environmental experts in various fields (fashion, food, business, etc.) and showing them how easy it is to transition to green.

Needless to say, the guy’s got street-cred it teaching people how to take their lives in a greener direction — and on the cheap. Here’s a brief review of the new book from Amazon:

Find bargain basement deals on stylish organic bedding and bamboo furnishings at the largest retailers in the world. Score instant rebates on everything from compact fluorescent light bulbs to energy-efficient air conditioners. And earn reward points for carpooling with friends.  In a time when many people are feeling financially restricted, The Lazy Environmentalist on a Budget is your guide to effortlessly saving the planet while keeping some extra cash in your pocket. Fun, easy and inexpensive: No I’m not talking about the ideal date — I’m talking about The Lazy Environmentalist on a Budget. Once again Josh Dorfman shows that going green can help you look and feel fantastic, and this time it makes perfect dollars and cents.

Want one? Hit up B&N here.

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  • RemyC

    I wonder if he’s got a chapter on the Price-Anderson Act.