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underwood_hsusAfter announcing that she would be donating a portion of the profits from sales of her new song, a version of Mötley Crüe’s Home Sweet Home, to The Humane Society of the United States, pro-hunting groups came out of the woods to condemn the decision.

We first heard from Rick Story, vice president of the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance, who called the HSUS a “radical organization that seeks to end hunting and other responsible uses of animals in America.” Now, a new article on American Daily under the category of “Terrorism” is claiming that Underwood and American Idol are directly funding domestic terrorism.

Can these people fall any further down the proverbial rabbit hole?

The article quotes David Martosko, research director for the Center for Consumer Freedom, who says there is a “disturbing underbelly” to animal rights groups and that “detonating bombs, making death threats, and physically assaulting people” is a part of their MO.

In response, Michael Markarian, Executive Vice-President of External Affiars at HSUS, called the Center for Consumer Freedom an” industry front for tobacco, alcohol and agribusiness interests, and its stock-in-trade involves taking aim at organizations that promote food safety, public health, or animal welfare.” He also mentioned the group’s previous attacks on Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for their anti-drunk driving and public health campaigns. “CCF’s libelous statements are outrageous, and speak to the disreputable nature of this corporate front group,” Markarian adds. “In fact, it’s not the first time CCF has lied about us. Two years ago the group retracted previous statements they knew to be false and defamatory.”

It’s no surprise that these groups would make such leaps of drama to tie Underwood and American Idol to terrorism. In their bag of tricks, it’s the most sensational way to smear someone. Thankfully, most Americans can see through this smokescreen and laugh off such commentary as desperate and baseless. Rock on, Underwood!

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  • steph

    I REALLY hope she sticks to what she believes in and doesn’t let fox or her agent sway her decision.

    in this day and age of wishy washy celebs, i wouldn’t be really suprised….but here to hoping on this one, she doesnt seen the wishy washy type.

  • The Discerning Brute

    I am actually happy this happened because it showcases how ridiculous the Green Scare, and laws like the AETA are – but also how insidious and similar to the Red Scare campaigning and McCarthyism of the 1950s.

    The green scare is a serious threat to all environmental and Animal Rights activists. go to for more info on this.

  • robin

    Thank you for your article. The US Sportsman Alliance is just trying to get some publicity. Articles like this one will help to make their effort backfire. I just read that someone is trying to ban Barbie dolls. USSA’s action is very similar to that one, ridiculous.

  • dalila

    i am proud of carrie for making a stand in what she loves and believes in she sticks up for animals because it is the right thing to do without people like carrie underwood or hayden panetierre people wouldnt be aware as much the fact that they are using their celebrity for the cause of good is very respectable, animals dont have a voice they need us to be their voices….i hope she doesnt let these bullies intimidate her of course they will try but i hope she stands strong….good job carrie and hayden for sticking up for animals!! whenever someone stands up for what it is right people from the organizations will be riled up when the boat is rocked….shame shame on these people

  • Diana

    Wow, talk about overreacting! She’s against animal cruelty. Deal with it!

  • WavyDavy

    To be fair, I went and read the guy’s Congressional testimony. (

    It looks like the Humane Society of the U.S. was paying for the upkeep of the internet server that distributed Animal Liberation Front “communiques” after arsons, etc. And more.

    Facts can be inconvenient things.

  • Janie

    But WavyDavy, apparently you are looking at one side and did not read some of the things the Humane Society is saying the other group supports. You can’t just tell one side. There are often funds that any organization raises that have questions on where some of it goes. Carrie supports the Humane Society because as far as she knows and is concerned about is that it is against inhumane treatment of animals. She is not against hunting as the group was originally trying to act like. She is against cruel treatment of mainly dogs. This has turned so silly and absolutely stupid. The extent that radicals like this group will go to is downright scary. A very tiny portion (by the time iTunes and all get their cut) of that song that only sells for .99 will go to the Humane Society who Carrie hopes will help prevent cruel treatment to dogs and all of this is being made of it.

  • Missy (from Groovy Vegetarian)

    Truly sad to read this. But as someone else said, some groups will go to any length to discredit someone.

    Bad things do happen to good people, Underwood being one.

  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    Mark Markarian is right. The Center for Consumer Freedom is a joke! Starting with their misleading name. They are just as MM described. I hope THEY get sued by HSUS for their libel remarks.


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  • Whoever…

    :) :) :)


    I always advocate for equal rights for all living creatures…

    However ‘people’ like those belonging to pro-hunting groups and the likes of them such as that David Martosko, make me realize that animals are actually superior to them!

    What’s their problem, besides being intellectually disabled!?

    “[…] under the category of “Terrorism” is claiming that Underwood and American Idol are directly funding domestic terrorism.”

    Comments like this only ridicule Americans! People who make those statements are the real terrorists and are very dangerous people who mine your society!

    They are all in favour of their freedom to shoot animals for fun and having arsenals at home but if a sweet person like Carrie helps animals with her money is called a terrorist?

    I mean, this only makes me approve even more of organizations like ALF (by the way I only support them when they don’t hurt people or animals – I really don’t see any problem for instance in bombing ‘empty’ cosmetic laboratories where animal testing – =torture – is carried out)…

    Maybe the hunters are going after her because she is a beautiful, intelligent independent woman! Most likely they believe the place of women is at home, specifically in the kitchen! What Neanderthals!! What frustrated little people they are!! I think stupidity and ignorance should be considered a crime!!!

    After that terrorism statement, all the reasons they might use to defend hunting or anything else, have completely lost their validity!

    ‘People’ like these really make me lose all respect for humans!!!

    People who hunt for fun (I obviously don’t include here hunters in remote tribes) are evil and dangerous.

    These people are the real threat to your society, not HSUS or ALF!!

    Hell with them all!!!!!

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  • Diane Maps

    The Humane Society of the US (Animal rights)is not associated with the Humane Society (Animal Welfare), they just have a conveniently similar name.

    The HSUS raised money to care for Michael Vick’s dogs, but stated they should be destroyed without ever seeing them and never contributing to their care

    The HSUS rasied millions for Katrina victim animals and never provided any aid to them

    The HSUS runs no shelters. If you leave an animal with them, it will be destroyed. The Humane Society runs shelters.

    The HSUS is for the end to animal farming. Carrie’s family will have to close it’s farm.

    The HSUS is against any use of animals in any medical research, ever. It is not limited to frivilous uses of animals for cosmetic testing or the likes.

    The HSUS is only interested in high profile cases that bring them fame, not in the abuse of animals that goes on behind scenes.

    It is associated the PETA, has many links with employees and interests, hence does not support pet ownership – or pet slavey as it is called.

    Actively opposes any genetic diversity programs, which is needed to supports a strong and healthy animal population.

    Animal rights is not the same as aminal welfare.

    The HSUS is a huge financial scam.

  • Hillary

    As an employee of the HSUS, it’s so frustrating to see this kind of misinformation being circulated. We are a four-star rated charity that provides a mainstream voice for animal protection. The HSUS is supported by 11 million Americans or approximately 1 in 28.

    The HSUS provides millions of dollars of support for spay and neuter programs and has given millions of dollars to rebuild animal shelters destroyed in natural disasters. We helped more than 12,000 animals in 2008 by responding to floods, fires, hoarding cases, animal fighting and puppy mills. In addition to these services, the HSUS operates its own network of sanctuaries, making it one of the largest providers of animal care and sheltering in the United States. For more information, go to

  • Noah Cooper

    I’d encourage everyone to check out and for info on the Center for Consumer Freedom. Their agenda is clear–they are a phony non-profit that gets all of its funding from meat and tobacco companies.

  • William K Dean

    I like the one where the guy exempts remote tribes when it comes to people who hunt. This is such a eurocentric cop out. What is his definition of remote. I bet he thinks only dark skinned people can belong to remote tribes. Maybe Amozonian inhabitants think the writer belongs to a remote tribe? You people are so eurocentric and racist that it makes me sick.

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  • Leigh

    I voted for Carrie. I’m happy to see stars use their celebrity to help animals in need!

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  • Robin

    Hunters suck Period. They are making all of the crap up. Sorry hunters animals win.

    Kudos Carrie you rock!