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Like other celebrities before them, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have dreams to leave the hustle and bustle of LA and retire to a quiet farm life.

In a recent interview, de Rossi was asked what she and her wife might do once the camera stop rolling. “It’s our dream that we’ll end up in a sweet country town on a farm,” she said. “I love horses and riding and love animals and Ellen loves animals,” she says. “It would be lovely for us. It’s what we’re going to do when we’re not working anymore.”

“I’d rank my career as a good, healthy third of my life,” she added. “It’s important, and without this third, I wouldn’t feel whole. But it’s not important for me to be engaged in it 12 months of the year. I need to find my projects and I need to feel like I’m being challenged and I need to feel creative. But when this is over, I’ll be just as happy to ride my horses and paint.”


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  • Rob

    Oh, they’re vegan but she still rides horses. OK. I wonder if they know much about the industry which supplies riding horses?

  • Whoever…

    I actually respect and admire Ellen Degeneres very much!

    She brings a lot of joy to many people and she is very generous from what I gather – I’m not an American and so I can only draw my conclusions about the kind of person she is by watching clips of her show on You Tube and on her official site. And I like what I see a lot!

    She loves animals (for instance, they have a 24/7 camera on the studio where her show is shot and a fan alerted her that he watched a stray cat wandering there at night – so now everyday after the show they leave food, water and some toys for the cat) and she and Portia are vegan…

    Hey, no one is perfect and I’m sure they would treat the horses extremely well. And if someone informed them about the horse industry (which I admit I know nothing about), they would think about ‘adopting’ horses from animal shelters instead…

    So please let’s not point fingers at people who actually are great to animals and people alike…

    I love Ellen… She’s amazing!


  • Lisa

    Right on, whoever!

  • merci company

    HELLO, ED if you want to be green STOP driving YOUR CARS. Buy a T prius or take my car service for your image. GET your people to work… Call me

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