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I wasn’t sure I’d ever head of Jodie Kidd before — but a quick glance at our archives reveals that she’s a green country girl at heart, and a spokesperson for the Eco Elite range of appliances from LG.

Anyways, Kidd became the first person in the UK to give Fiat’s new eco:Drive feature a spin. According to Autobloggreen, the system uses a USB stick that records information on how you’re driving. When this information is later fed into a computer, Fiat’s software tells you how well you drove and where you could have done better. It’s currently being rolled out to ten Fiat dealerships — but if successful, will be available to all customers.

“The Fiat 500 is a lovely car,” said Jodie Kidd. “And eco:Drive technology is absolutely right for the moment. People should be thinking more about their driving and the environment – it’s a great idea.”

Hmm…I’m not sure if people will really go the extra mile to a.) remember to plug their usb key into their car and then b.) actually plug it into their computer back home for analysis. I think real-time feedback monitoring in cars — like the “ECO Mode” found in some models is a better tool. But hey, anything to get people thinking about driving more efficienty is a good thing.

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