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cat_cora_awardIn a little less than 10 days, Canada’s brutal seal hunt will once again reign terror over the precious harp seal nurseries. 

Here at the Razz we’ve worked hard to expose the atrocity that is this massive killing, and have shown our appreciation to the stars who’ve spoken out against the brutal hunt. 

The latest celeb to get involved in the ever-growing campaign is world-renowned chef Cat Cora

Together with the Humane Society of the United States, Cora has pledged to boycott Canadian seafood until the killing stops, and is asking everyone to make the same promise by signing an HSUS petition. To help gather support, Cora is offering one hell of a prize package to the person who can collect the most signatures. The chef says:

“After you’ve signed, please ask your friends, family, and coworkers to sign it as well. The person who gathers the most signatures will win a trip to New York City to meet with me — plus a seal pup photograph taken by Nigel Barker

So if you haven’t already, visit the HSUS and sign their petition to boycott Canadian seafood until this massive hunt if forever banned.

  • s

    the best way to boycott seafood is go veggie! :)

  • DJ Karma (of VegSpinz)

    I’ve been boycotting seafood for the last 5 years :)

  • Nicole

    This is the one situation where I am embarressed for being a Canadian. I have written to my Prime Minister many times urging them to stop this horrible hunt but unfortunately it looks like it wont end. 90% of Canadians are against the seal hunt and we are all embarressed!

  • karen wookey

    Although a great supporter of Cat Cora, i have a fundamental problem with a celebrity cook stepping out against the seal hunt, and not factory farming which is an equally inhumane practice of brutality and happens to supply america’s dinner table daily. Until all animals are raised humanely, and killed compassionately it doesn’t matter how well it’s prepared so that we can deny our own complicity.