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In the latest edition of her online newsletter GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow interviews director/cook Tamra Davis on her self-published, purse-sized cookbook, Make Me Something Good To Eat. The great thing about Davis is that she’s a vegetarian — so we finally have a Paltrow newsletter that isn’t loaded with meat dishes and recipes.

As Gwyneth states in the opening, her and Davis are big fans of Vegenaise — the world-famous (yummy), egg-free and all natural alternative to Mayonaise. We imagine this is a carry-over from the days when the actress was an actual vegan — something we’re pretty sure is no longer the case.

Of course, she is always good at throwing curve balls. Of her veggie friend Tamra Davis, she says “we have a similar food ethos.” Uh huh.

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6 Responses to Gwyneth Paltrow Loves Vegenaise

  1. herwin says:

    “turkey with vegetarian friendly stuffing.”
    if you think you’ve heard them all..:-P

  2. stephanie williams says:

    Yeah, vegenise tastes GREAT on turkey sammiches XD

    i hate this woman….*headdesk*

  3. of course Gwyn loves her some veganaise! I saw her rubbing it all over her big juicy turkey sandwich the other day at a restaurant. She was a little chilly thankfully had her fox coat to keep her warm.


  4. KNSat says:

    OH, get off your high horse. Traditional asian diets are primarily vegetarian diets with some meat thrown in, and that tends to be pretty healthy for them. Isn’t it better to TEND toward being a vegetarian than to be a whole-hog carnivore.

    Pick you fights where fights are REALLY needed.

  5. stephanie williams says:

    I am not talking about how healthy her diet is or if it’s better to eat a LITTLE meat rather then a lot…



    She is a twat, a crappy actress and a major hypocrite. Healthy or not….them are the facts.

    This isn’t a BATTLE. In case you haven’t noticed….this is a gossip website. People dish, vent, rag and praise based on the “buzz”.

    Get over yourself. We aren’t forming a movement or battle of poor lil gwenny….we are just expressing our DISLIKE.

  6. Just a thought. says:

    “Get off your high horse.” That was a bit rude, and unnecessary. This is ecorazzi, and green gossip blog. This is the sort of material that we wish to read about.

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