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Heather Mills Signs With Burger King For $6 Million Deal

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Note: Mills says there is no deal in place with Burger King — see follow-up story here.

Did you just do a double-take on that headline? Me too.

Heather Mills — yes, that Heather Mills — has just signed a contract worth a reported $6 million dollars to be the face of a new Burger King campaign promoting their vegetarian burger. From Digital Spy:

A friend told The People: “Heather is ecstatic. She believes she can change the eating habits of millions. She’s also being paid a lot of money and the deal will help boost her standing.” News of Mills’s deal comes just three months after McCartney announced plans to revamp his late wife Linda’s vegetarian food range. A source close to McCartney commented: “Sir Paul will probably see a certain sense of irony in Heather’s career move. But he won’t be fuming. If more people become vegetarian as a result of this, then some good will come out of it.”

Wow. Um, yes, this is a bit odd — mainly because Mills is a hardcore vegan, and teaming up with a massive meat-pusher like Burger King seems a bit askew. I mean, we’re talking about the same people who released a “meat-scented” cologne a few months back. On one hand, I understand how this fits into her grand scheme to get more people thinking about veggies — but on the other, that $6 million must have been a HUGE factor. I mean honestly, what vegetarian looks at Burger King and thinks “lunch”. Even with a veggie option, wouldn’t we still be helping to fund a major meat operation?

I’m not convinced that this was the right move — and I think the money was a major part of Mills’ decision — but I remain open-minded that perhaps the campaign really will inspire some folks to think more about going VEG. Bombard me with your thoughts below. Does this undermine Mills’ mission to be a vegan powerhouse or prop up her message to an even larger audience? $6 million can definitely help find a lot of great projects and initiatives. But is the association with BK worth it?

via Cele|bitchy

[UPDATE: For those that are curious, Greenopia has a list of vegan/vegetarian options from major fast food chains. Grab it here.]

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