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LUSH Cosmetics Just Says No To Canadian Seal Hunt

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Well I guess the song speaks truth…we can all blame Canada. 

As many of you know, the annual seal hunt kicked off today and will once again reign terror over the icy shores of Canada. 

More than 205,000 individual seals were killed last year during the hunt, and just today more than 150 have been killed.

To help stop this bloodbath, LUSH cosmetics is urging people to sign their online petition to help ban the slaughter. They’re also taking it a step further by donating 100% of the proceeds from the sales of their First Swim Limited Edition Bubble Bar to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society— a non-profit that seeks to end the slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans. 

So visit their website today and support a company who supports our planet.

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  • Theresalgrys81

    Hi my name is Theresa,,, I just cant look at anything being killed,,hurts bothers my heart,,there are things that are clean to eat to sustain life most meat has iron which is beef /steak ,,protien chicken,,,,but who would want to eat a whale or seal that i believe is not right,,there are other things that were put here for us to eat,,,lots of fish in the sea to eat ,,there is a reason for all these wonderful creatures God has put here,,,wonderfully made by his hands ,,,creation,,,,,stop the killings on the animals that are so unneccesary to eat ,,like the faroes island ,,think i said that right,,,they can catch regular fish ,,just like everypne else does,,,,these animals are smart creatures,,,jonah and the whale for instant the whale save jonah by swallowing him and keeping him in his belly the blew him out of the blow hole and jonah went and shared what happened,,,,,paul wattson i support 100%,,,,,,please lets not fight ,,if it is a fight lets fight to save the wonderful creatures of this world.people are greedy about what they eat,,,high class expensive meals and materialistic things of this world,,i have five mouths to feed week to week and i would eat the grass of the ground before i would eat anything ,,the Lord will provide, have faith and stop killing what God has put on this planet.,,,,im in shock at how cruel ,,what cold hearts for someone to slaughter these living creatures,,,one day they will stand before the Lord,,,,,lets stand as a nation and stop other countries from harming these amazing animals.thanks,,,,if anyone does not like what i say,,,,dont read it……save the whales…..

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