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At an EcoStiletto bash two weeks back, ABC’s Brothers and Sisters star Sarah Jane Morris stopped by in her bio-diesel Mercedes and with well-worn work shoes in hand to benefit the Dress for Success charity, a non-profit that provides career support to disadvantaged women through providing professional attire and job opportunities.

She impressed the ‘razz by talking in detail about how she can easily switch from stylishly rocking an eco-fashionable Leila Hafzi shirt and J Brand’s eco-denim at a fab party to grabbing grease from the back alleys of restaurants and composting in her own home. When I asked her about how she deals with the fruit flies, she shared: “Here’s a tip: I put my compost bin in the freezer until I’m ready to pull it out.” Sarah encouraged us to embrace the small habit changes necessary to be a better citizen of the planet, and recognized in her own habit-changing process, things were difficult in the beginning.

In talking about grocery shopping, Sarah explained that she leaves her re-usable bags by the door after she unloads them, in order to remember to take them to her car the next time she goes out. “After having had to walk back to the car a few times after forgetting to take them in [to the grocery store], I started remembering to always grab them before I go inside!” You can see Sarah Jane on Brothers and Sisters every Sunday at 10pm or watch free episodes online at ABC’s site here.

  • VeggieTart

    Since I don’t have a car, I keep the reusable bags in my purse; it guarantees I can’t forget them. After emptying my bag of all my groceries, I roll it back up and put it back in my purse.

  • Jen Barth

    It’s great to learn about celebs who are really “walking the walk” of green, and not just paying lip service to it. I’ve been following Sarah Jane’s commitment to eco-concious living for awhile and she’s clearly the real deal. In Hollywood, that can be hard to come by. Hope this inspires many of us to do just a little more each day; I for one am keeping my bags by the door going forward; what a simple thing I just keep forgetting to do!

  • Whoever…

    Here’s a good example of ‘putting your money where your mouth is’…


    She rocks!!!