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As Ecorazzi reported yesterday, Project Runway finalist Kenley Collins recently lost her damn mind and attacked her boyfriend by throwing a cat at his face.

PETA already weighed in on the issue stating that:

“If Collins is found guilty, she should be barred from owning any animals in the future. Anyone who would throw a cat in a fit of rage should not be trusted with the care of another life.”

Now anti-fur poster boy and Project Runway judge Tim Gunn is sharing his thoughts on Collins’ recent feline fit. Gunn said:

“If the audience saw and heard as much of Kenley as I did, people would have turned their television off. The editing is really kind to everyone.”

Well there you have it! Check out the clip below to hear ALL of Timmy Boy’s thoughts!


3 Responses to Tim Gunn Weighs In On Kenley Collins’ Cat Throwing Ways

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  2. sonia says:

    Couldn’t stand that bitch on the show and can’t stand her even more now. That’s just not nice. Poor kitten. She needs professional help!

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