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You know those celebrity meet-and-greet charity auctions we often talk about? Yea, well, apparently they don’t always work out.

A lawsuit has been filed by an unnamed plantiff alleging that the $30,000 he paid to a children’s charity for a meet with Angelina Jolie never amounted to anything. The charity, Lili Claire Foundation, is a group that helps children with neurogenetic disorders. TMZ reports that two years have passed and the meeting did not take place, nor has the payment been returned. The man is suing for the return of his money, in addition to damages.

Damages? What the hell kind of mental anguish did this guy suffer? I can understand wanting his money back — but to request more, from a children’s charity no less, just seems in poor taste.

A rep for the organization told TMZ, “The Lili Claire Foundation has a 100 percent track record of honoring its commitment to donors and recipients with respect to every single auction item sold to support its charitable services.” “In the rare event that a sold auction item cannot be satisfactorily delivered to the winning bidder through no fault of our own, The Lili Claire Foundation works faithfully for an appropriate resolution with our bidder.”

We imagine they’ve probably attempted to hook this guy up with other actresses — but anyone who forks over $30K to meet someone probably has their heart (or mental disturbance) set on one person. We’re just wondering why Angie doesn’t step in and fulfill her original olbligation to the charity? Odd — and I’m sure there’s much more to the story. Stay tuned…

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  • Celia

    TMZ, like most of the media, is a die-hard Team Aniston outlet and they always try to spread the ugly spin and misportray everything. They also sometimes blatantly lie, contradict, and

    I am sure the reports from TMZ are not
    accurate considering how much they wrongly despise and ruthlessly exploit
    Pitt and Jolie. There was some probably
    some misunderstanding or deceit involved
    with the charity or with that man. Or the
    story could not be true at all.
    Angelina, contrary to media reports, always fufills her promises and charity obligations. I doubt that she would even agree to that kind of agreement. If that
    is the case, it is suprising that kind
    of auction bid didn’t make any headlines
    two years ago considering how something
    as mundane as Pitt getting pizza or their
    family going to the mall receives headlines. The media and industry always
    set-ups their two favorite wrongly
    maligned targets for some sort of backlash over a made-up controversy where
    they take the fall. It is insane what one false rumor can escalate to and what
    havoc it can wreck. The gossip would lead
    to a misportrayal of the breakup.

    Pitt and Jolie did not committ or confess to adultery. The media has enhanced the tactic of inserting lies
    and distorting comments in their
    interviews. Not the first time they
    tried to frame them over a false confession. Pitt who tried to clarify, his response got edited, and the media is throwing their misquotations in their face. I know Pitt would rather die
    than make a false confession. The media
    tried to cover up the fact that Aniston
    flat-out lied and contradicted what
    Jolie allegedly said in an older interview. She denied, not described
    an affair with Pitt. A lot of what she
    said was printed inaccurately and distorted but it was clear she said
    the romance began after his breakup with
    Aniston. What she described was her friendship with Pitt on the set of that
    movie. God knows the truth and all the
    people involved in this sin and slander will pay the price for being involved
    in this cycle of deceit, manipulation,
    corruption, and brainwashing.

  • Nan

    Wow, now WHO is obsessed with the perfection of goddess Jolie? You must be the worshiping little fly on her wall to know everything about how she thinks and feels, and whether or not she’s a bald faced adulterous liar who keeps puppy dog Pitt on a leash.

  • LuLu

    Nan….close your trap!…and go back to drinking your HATERADE!

    Celia, I agree totally with everything you said, and thank you for taking the time to say it so succinctly and beautifully.

    If this story is true, this supposed “fan” must have serious mental problems to want a refund for money given to needy children…

    Jolie-Pitt fans are intelligent and caring, as evidenced by CELIA, and partly as a result of being inspired by individuals such as Brad and Angie who are so talented, unique and humanitarian. Rock on Jolie-Pitt fans!