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Where The Wild Things Are still ranks up there as one of my most favorite short stories of all time. I’m sure there’s plenty of others out there that are smitten with it as well — which is why when I heard it was being turned into a live-action movie I cringed a bit. As the book so aptly demonstrates, imagination is one of the most powerful forces we possess. Could a movie possibly measure up?

After watching this trailer, the 12-year-old inside me is smiling with hope that such a possibility might be true. Then again, at that age I also was pretty confident that I’d be marrying The Wonder Years’ Winnie Cooper one day.

Have a look below and enjoy! (To view the trailer in HD, click here.)

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  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    I cringed when I saw the post, BUT considering THEE Spike Jonze is directing it. Spike Frickin Jonze! I think it’s going to be fantastic. I have full faith in him and have been waiting for another masterpiece from this genius! I mean Being John Malkovich was.. wow!

    No surprise the soundtrack is superb as he knows (and works with) the best musicians on the planet. Cannot wait to see it ;)


  • Corinne

    Who would have thought that this book could be done on screen? The trailer is amazing! Plus, the music kicks ass. Can’t wait to see it. Thanks for giving us the heads up:)