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Edward Norton and Alanis Morissette appeared on Larry King Live last night to drum up support for Earth Hour — the global “lights out” campaign against climate change this Saturday evening. As expected, King was a bit thick in understanding the concept — at one point stating “light have nothing to do with carbon emissions, right?”. Norton, after a brief eyebrow raise, explained to him that while the idea of turning out the lights is more a symbolic gesture, energy to power lightbulbs mostly comes from coal-burning power plants; which are a massive contributor to emissions. There was also another classic exchange with King wondering if people should turn off their car lights while they’re driving down the highway. Really?

Check out the full video below — and is it me, or does Edward Norton appear to be getting younger?

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  • JOS

    Morons R’US

  • Stanic McIntosh

    I just wanted everyone to know that I will be doing my part to light the world when everyone turns out their lights. I also wanted to invite everyone over to watch the Tournament on my Big Screen Plasma (in HD). We may also be firing up the blender and having some margaritas.

    Just wanted extend an invitation and impress upon you the ridiculousness of comparing this effort to the marches of Selma. Way to high-jack something that actually made a difference.

  • Patrick

    Here are 2 idiots screaming about stupidity on a morons show. My lights… all of them will not only be on… I will rent more, and then ride around in my car with my brights on.

    Jeez… what idiots.

    Hey… you want to save the planet?
    Get rid of all the democrats, and start with that socilaist pig Obama.

  • michael

    To the above commenters: I’m terribly sorry none of you managed to get beyond third grade.

    Why don’t you put some actual intelligence behind your remarks instead of acting like someone just spilled milk on your coloring book?

  • Alyson

    Wow. So many haters. And so rude. Yikes. We can at least be kind while we disagree, can’t we?

    I loved what Alanis said she does in her daily life. She’s a true green gal:)

  • Sonia

    Thank you Micheal! What are you people even doing looking at this site if you could give a shit about the issues being discussed. Go listen to your Rush Limbaugh, eat your Carls Jr. and leave us the hell alone.

    Back to what I was going to post before I got sidetracked by idiots…why didn’t Alanis mention her veganism? And does anyone know about her jewelry line she’s talking about?

  • Stanic McIntosh

    The reason we make sarcastic remarks, and yes they are sarcastic (albiet true), is because we want others to see the hypocracy in their cause.

    So we turn off our lights for an hour? Big deal, do you think that does anything? Sure it may save a few carbon atoms from getting into the atmosphere if you trace it back down the pipeline to the “all-so-evil” coal-burning power plants. The truth of the matter is that the science is inclonslusive at best.

    And what is the standard by which we should judge Earth’s temperature? I do acknowledge global warming, it happens everyday, the Sun rises and just yesterday influenced the temperature by over 30 degrees! Eliminate that variable first and then try to prove that CO2 is an issue.

  • Mark Dixon

    This is how YERT (Your Environmental Road Trip) celebrated Earth Hour last year. Looking forward to another awesome hour of darkness!

    Earth Hour: Feel Depower

    Greenfully Yours,

  • ED

    I think the goal is great but I think comparing this event to Selma is very childish and not really looking at the history of the Selma event.

  • Tim

    What nobody seems to understand is that you cannot store electricity. Meaning it will cause an overload when everything gets restarted at the same time. Also it defeats the purpose because it will require twice as much juice to restart the demand.

  • Whoever…

    Ignorant people are violent and extremely rude!

    We can see just that by reading some comments posted here and on a number of other occasions on Ecorazzi.

    Because these people don’t have valid arguments, they turn to insults to prove their point!

    I was once told that the moment you insult someone during a debate is the moment all your arguments (no matter how consistent they are) lose their validity and thus your credibility goes down the drain.

    I admit that this symbolical (because that’s what it is) action isn’t going to solve the problem. It’s only goal is to call atention to the global warming issue.

    And it is an issue! Actually, it is the issue!
    Some governments are very worried about terrorism, N. Korea, Iran…
    Well, is there a bigger terrorist threat than the daily destruction of our entire planet? Global warming is a fact! And it’s the result of human activity! The majority of real scientists have already reached this conclusion…

    Whether people want to face that fact or not, that’s another issue.
    Some just prefer to bury their heads in the sand and continue living in the illusion that everything is going to be just fine.

    Well, news flash… it isn’t if we don’t do anything about it!

    Evidences are all over our planet – predictions of the effects of global warming are coming true so much earlier than scientists expected. The climate is changing drastically… The day we have extreme draughts, floods, fires, storms and hurricanes happening on a ‘weekly’ basis worldwide, then it will be too late!!!

    Educate yourselves – watch some documentaries, read literature on this, instead of wasting time watching reality shows and crap like that!

    Imagine this – you have a car parked where the sun rays hit it directly. Now assume the car is our planet.
    The windows are all open – let’s assume they are earth’s atmosphere; sun heats up the car but because the windows are open the heat goes out and thus the car maintains a stable temperature.
    Now if the windows are all rolled up, you can imagine how the temperature will rise considerably – this is the equivalent to the gases that produce global warming because they retain the heat, that came from the sun, from leaving our planet; CO2 is one of those gases and its increasing release into the atmosphere is the result of human activity (the meat and auto industry are the main responsible).
    Is this simple enough to understand?

    Now do you get it!? (btw this is intended for the people who still believe this isn’t true)
    Is this so hard to understand!?

    Evolve… and open your eyes once and for all!

    You don’t need to turn off the lights for one hour on Earth Hour.
    I’m not going to do it. However I do reduce, reuse, recycle, walk and use public transports as much as possible, I’m a vegetarian (optional ;) ), use water and energy sensibly and so on… Simple things make the difference!

    After all, this planet belongs to all of us and it is the responsibility of all of us to take care of it!

    Get it!?


  • Stanic McIntosh

    I ask again, by what standard do we judge the earth’s temperature? Your cute example of a car is elementary. You say to educate ourselves and I have, not by documentariesor news articles (which can be biased, and most are). I read scientific articles, and look at data, which I suggest you do as well.

    When you look at said data, you see there are many factors that effect our atmosphere. More prominent than most of which is H2O. That’s right, water vapor (clouds for some of you out there), which makes up about 4% of Earth’s atmosphere compared CO2 at only .038%! That’s 105x more of an impact.

    So NEWS FLASH! you’re being brainwashed to think this is a problem when substaniated science doesn’t prove it. the GREEN movement is a multi-BILLION dollar industry that has popped up overnight, of course everyone is going to jump on the bandwagon to make some money. And plus it makes most people (those who believe what Edward Norton tells them) feel good about themselves.

    “Lush as the planet may now be, it is as nothing compared to earlier times, when levels of CO2 and Earth temperatures were far higher. In the age of the dinosaur, for example, CO2 levels may have been five to 10 times higher than today, spurring a luxuriantly fertile planet whose plant life sated the immense animals of that era. Planet Earth is also much cooler today than during the hothouse era of the dinosaur, and cooler than it was 1,000 years ago during the Medieval Warming Period, when the Vikings colonized a verdant Greenland. Greenland lost its colonies and its farmland during the Little Ice Age that followed, and only recently started to become green again.”

    I’m not saying you shouldn’t reduce or reuse (recycling takes too much energy and cost to be profitable). But know why you’re doing it; educate yourself.

  • Anonymous.

    Wow, I didn’t read any of your comments above…but dude, Edward Norton, totally looks younger! You’re right!

  • Dylan

    Can we turn Alanis Morrisette’s music off? forever?

    seriously, i heard that shit at Starbucks the other day, I was about to raise hell.

    Its torture.

  • Mary Vaughan

    To the Hate Mongers who are monopolizing this blog:

    It is an unfortunate thing the internet brings out the cowardly worst out in so many! Good thing you or the talking heads you immatate are not a majority. Just because you are loud and rude does not impress me, or any one with a functioning brain. How sad. Actually, I am actually surprised to hear you say the Selma Civil Rights March is a league apart from the “Lights Out” demonstration for Earth Day. I do agree with you. Historically, it was much more difficult to pull off than turning off light switches. It was simular, in that it was a demonstration designed to bring attention to a need for action. This is, of course what the comparrison illustrated.

    Most of us are mere sissies compared to previous generations of Americans. Notice, my lights are out, but my computer screen is glowing.
    Signed, another Hypocrit

  • Timotheus

    God created this planet to accomodate humans and lots of them. Deal with it.

  • Timotheus

    Do you mean to tell me that Special Ed Norton and Alanis Moron-mind-set don’t use more electric in their mansions than most normal folks use in normal size houses?

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