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Britney Spears got the message — will Michael Jackson follow?

PETA, who earlier this year went after Britney Spears’ plans to include live “circus” animals in her upcoming tour (she eventually backed down) is now incensed that Michael Jackson is considering a similar addition. The 50-year-old singer has already sold out a 10-concert residency at London’s 02 Arena and plans to reportedly “ride out on an African elephant with panthers led on gold chains. Parrots and other birds will fly behind him.”

Said PETA, “These exotic animals belong in Africa, not the O2 Arena among screaming fans, bright lights and stage explosions. These wild animals are deprived of everything that is natural and important to them when they are forced to perform under stressful conditions. Michael needs to learn to leave exotic animals alone.”

Even though there are UK animal welfare laws banning the use of non-domestic animals for use in shows, a source claims that the King of Pop is “desperate to find a way around it.” We’ve no idea if these plans are true or not, but it wouldn’t be surprising. Let’s hope Jacko considers a robotic elephant instead.

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  • Sonia

    That’s great that the UK has a law against exotic animal use in entertainment. We definitely need that law here in the U.S. Michael Jackson is disgusting and I don’t just mean his face!

  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    Agreed. The US needs laws like that.

    And honestly the people who go to this show (or even more scary – people who take their kids) need to have their heads examined!

    Michael is scary and I wouldn’t let my pets (or kids if I had any ;) near him!


  • Whoever…

    People who abuse others (animals or humans) are, in general, people with very low self esteem and self confidence!!

    What’s the point in seeing magnificent animals like elephants or panthers being subjugated by humans and performing pathetic tricks!?

    I don’t understand it! The only reason I come up to justify these actions (the same goes for circuses that use animals) is that people who do this aren’t very evolved beings…
    They are the real beasts, not the animals.

    If it’s really true, then it will actually be a freak show!!

  • itsme

    WOW. I love people that think they can save the animals and the trees and the bees and similar crap. Get a life people and this is show business. Lets all ban the zoos. And the circus. And i dont get the comment made by Erin Raw up there. Who the hell asked you what you plan to do with your children?

  • William K Dean

    Micheal Jackson is not a very evolved being? That Kind of Racial hate is straight from the mouth of Geobles in 1940 when the Germans invaded Russia. What kind of racist site is this?

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  • http://rediffmail william

    he is a …………….. person.