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jtm-027251“i’ve been hanging with family during the holidays and i made my first turkey with my sister this year ….which is kind of hilarious seeing as how i haven’t eaten meat in over a year, but it was fun to make. and by fun, i mean our turkey was awesome and everything but i’ll never do it again. it was freakin’ exhausting!!”

-Kelly Clarkson chatting on her blog about being meat-free, but still helping out with the turkey. What do you think about all of this vegetarian meat-cooking? Chime in and share your thoughts?

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  • erin

    Uh her body (every last pound of it) sure doesn’t look vegetarian to me. Looks like she’s eating one too many turkey.

    She’s an unattractive hypocrite and looks like a chubby hen.


  • erin


    word to her “handlers” she has no business wearing that shirt.

    cover up.


  • Whoever…

    “it was freakin’ exhausting!!”

    Oh you poor little thing…!! I feel so sorry for you!!!

    Does cooking a turkey make little kelly tired!?
    Such hard labour…
    Actually my only concern goes to the poor animal who was slaughtered so that the sisters could have so much fun (ouieee) preparing him (btw I hate that in the English language animals are referred to as ‘it’, like they were objects)!

    Has she ever worked at all in her entire life?

    Her a vegetarian? Yeah right!!!

  • Brandi Stewart

    I think it’s fine that she prepared the turkey. It’s a personal choice. Not a choice forced by pressure from pretentious vegetarians (we all know one!) I’d rather see her be a vegetarian and prepare a turkey than not be a vegetarian at all!

    E- Just because someone isn’t “the Hollywood norm” (aka someone like the rest of us) doesn’t mean they aren’t vegetarian.

  • erin


    Sadly the “norm” weight in this country has become fat. 50 years ago “normal” weight was downright thin. Now someone of “average” weight is overweight.

    if you go to Europe South America, Asian countries – the men and women there are so much thinner (and healthier)

    While I’m not into shoving Vogue magazines in women’s faces, I think people need to understand that the average female weight in the US 5’4 145 is considered fat elsewhere. NOT normal.

    And if she prepared a dead animal carcass is she really even a vegetarian?

    I admit I prepare meat but it’s for my cats, not my sister. And i have enough trouble with that as it is!


  • pleinelune

    Okay, the issue at hand was if it was okay for her to prepare meat and still be a vegetarian… and the comments are about her weight? Wow, how mature and very sensitive…
    Sorry, but please come to Europe and then say that there’s not an issue with overweight people over here. Please, in countries like the UK, Sweden and France, to name a few, people are getting bigger and bigger.
    South America – no overweight people, oh really? And as for Asia, that just made me laugh.
    Until you see something with your own eyes, don’t hide behinde fake facts. Europeans as a rule don’t eat less meat than Americans, however they do eat less fastfood and drink water instead of softdrinks. As a vegan/vegetarian traveling in Asia is not easy, esp since in many countries only poor people don’t eat meat, with India being an exception to the rule.

    Now, is she a “bad” vegetarian. Maybe, but personally I’m more offended with people like GOOP who claim to be vegetarian but in reality are far from it. Or PETA’s bimbos who lie and say they don’t wear fur for free publicity.

    So, if a vegan/vegetarian for example has a job taking care of an elderly and prepare meat for them to eat, that’s means they’re a hypocrite?
    If they help a close relative prepare meat for Thanksgiving or Christmas, that means they’re a hypocrite?
    Sorry, but I’m pretty sure a lot of us are hypocrites then…

    It would be wonderful if everyone could lose weight just by not eating meat, but sadly it isn’t that easy. And for those who think it is just that easy, all the best to you, but it’s not that easy for everyone.
    Besides the whole “fat women”-debate is so french, and on top of that sexist, and I dare say stupid. Get over it, without curvy women throughout history we wouldn’t even be here today.

    And the “fat” is probably just too much sugar, now that is another issue completely!

  • Rebecca

    I’ve been a vegetarian since 1995, but have been cooking meat for my husband for over 5 years now. I’m the one that stays home and cooks, and he doesn’t eat much “vegetarian” food. So if I want him to eat a healthy meal, I often make it myself. I don’t know what it tastes like…! It’s strange, but it’s what works for us.

  • DJ Karma (of VegSpinz)

    I’m a vegan. Just from my observation of nature, animals eat other animals to survive and flourish. Most humans have a choice to eat or not to eat meat, and can be healthy either way. It’s when we over-consume and eat carelessly and without appreciation for the animals- injecting them with steroids, cramming them into cages, etc. etc., that you’ll see a decline in health, as well as the environment. For me, I have a hard time eating something I am unwilling to kill with my own hands. Others don’t agree, and it is their choice. Sometimes it’s hard for me not to judge them, but the reality is that most meat eaters are not “evil” or “murderers,” just as other predatory animals are not. They are just people who have not come to the same conclusions about food that I have, but who’s to say that they won’t? I think most people would think twice if well informed and not just yelled at or called names!

    Kelly is looking quite unhealthy these days- not gossip- just a fact, which also proves that we can be veg and still eat unhealthy things. Hell, I could stand to lose a few pounds myself, with all the delicious fried veggies I’ve been eating lately-LOL!

  • erin

    Dear PL,

    I did not mean to offend you. I keep my mouth shut about my friends’ or relatives’ fat kids, but on here at least I can speak my mind. People don’t like to hear that they’re fat, or that their kids are fat. It’s a sad truth and unless people start waking up -well, one day they won’t wake up, they’ll be dead.

    I try my best not to be a hypocrite. I don’t prepare meat except for my cats. If that makes me one so be it (all organic holistic)

    As for your comments about Europe? I’m sorry but my mother lives in France (between there and Switzerland) her husband is Vietnamese… I travel there frequently and must say that ON A WHOLE the people there are much thinner than here. Though yes, they too are getting fatter and fatter as you mention.

    Interesting that you admit they’re getting fat but then say curvy women are great. Hey nothing wrong with curvy women like say Catherine Zeta Jones (they call her curvy) or even this gal up above (though I certainly don’t recommend that exposing shirt for her) but when you get Roseanne Barr curvy you’re fat.

    Sure I might a bit “in your face” about it in my posts but in my experience that’s all that works. I am about to launch (not up yet) Because people have to hear that they need to get up off their American lazy big fat asses and get to the gym and change their diet and stop costing us all so much money with their sicknesses (I’m sick of paying fat people’s medical bills- yep I’m a homeowner and my taxes alone for that are astronomical what I have to pay for the local hospital. It’s insane!

    Anyway, in my experience in most every country in Europe people are far thinner and definitely in the Orient. I’m not sure which countries you’re talking about but they’re ALL a hell of a lot thinner than here. (Including many regions of South America- and Central America) Granted there are big people but not like here. We take the cake. I worry about my own big relatives…. It’s time for people to own up to it. And even the thin ones aren’t necessarily healthy (myself included at times! I’m overworked!) but we all need to eat right and not be told that big is ok (do you see these shows where they continually tell the kids it’s ok to be big. Hey they don’t need to look like a supermodel but it’s not ok to be big.

    Somewhere there is a happy medium to help kids lose weight so they don’t die before their parents. IT’s that crucial. Because it’s starting to happen if you have not noticed.

    As for the adults I’m much more straightforward. Fat is not healthy, if you’re 5’4 and 145 (as I said before in my post – i didnt say “curvy”) but if you’re over 140 at 5’4 you need to get your fat ass to the gym pronto. End of Story.


  • erin

    ps let me correct one thing. if you’re say 5’4 and 150 and a body builder that’s about the only excuse you have for weighing that much (or you’re pregnant- that’s another great excuse) otherwise you’re FAT. I’ve helped family members that size get in shape and if they’re in shape and working out they are not 5’4 150 anymore!


  • Mo

    I’ve been veg for awhile (I have no sense of time; it could have been since 20 minutes ago!) and I make a small turkey breast for Thanksgiving for me and my spouse. I make sure to (pay a lot of money to) buy a turkey off a farm where I know it’s been raised well. I make sure it’s organic, and I ONLY make meat this one time each year. This doesn’t make me feel like a bad vegetarian, or a bad person.

    Honestly the issue here shouldn’t be, “She’s a terrible person for helping to prepare a meat dish,” it should be, “how many animals has she NOT EATEN since she went veg?”

  • Chloe

    I feel like this is getting to be super jugemental and not at all a healthy discussion…

    You can’t just go ahead and slap a weight limit and then call people fat. I’m 5’2″ and weigh 135 pounds, which by the definition of this thread would mean that I need to “get my fat ass to the gym pronto”… I have a 25 inch waist and and completely healthy, and not AT ALL fat.

    What determines if a person is unhealthily large is their body fat percentage, NOT weight. And yes, meat eaters on the whole have a muuuch higher BFP than veg’ns.

    We also have to remember that just cuz you’re veg doesn’t mean you’re healthy… For instance, vegetarians who choose to gorge themselves on fattening milks and cheeses etc, can be just as unhealthy and fat as a meat-eater.

    And I definitely agree that we have to applaud ANY little thing people are doing to help animals/the environment, NOT criticize them for not doing enough. A jug fills drop by drop, right?

  • SG

    Leave Kelly alone! She’s one of the few celebs out there that seems like a real person to me. She’s not fat, she’s probably totally in the normal weight limits, but compared to the rest of hollywood who are grossly underweight, she looks like a chub. She’s talented, she doesn’t BS, and she doesn’t even claim to be a vegetarian. She just said she hadn’t eaten meat in a year. But can we bless her for that and stop bashing her?

    And for the record, you can be a veggie and be fat! I’ve seen it.

  • Lisa

    Agree with Chloe,

    It’s waist to hip ratio that counts and where the fat is located that counts.

  • Shelly

    “I’ve been veg for awhile (I have no sense of time; it could have been since 20 minutes ago!) and I make a small turkey breast for Thanksgiving for me and my spouse.” THEN YOU ARE NOT VEG unless there is a new vegetable called “Turkey” I haven’t heard about.
    Kelly saying playing with a carcass was “fun” is comparable to saying dragging your dead dog around on a leash is fun. If by being “real” you mean lacking compassion, I agree. I’m sure she could think of better ways to have fun with her family.

  • Lupe

    No you can’t put a number on healthy weight unless it’s quite obvious like 300 pounds on a short woman.

    I’m 5’4″ and 175, can press 300 pounds on my legs, resting heart rate of 64, total cholesterol 120, and a triglyercide level of 35 (the charts usually start at 50 for low norm. My doctor told me only 1 out of every 100 people have this number).

    Usually I get very sick if I drop 5 or 10 pounds below this number.

    I’ve always put on muscle really easily and have definition in my calves and thighs.

    And yes, a very tiny waist as well.

    I’m sure my 38H boobs account for some weight too, as I’ve heard DDs can weight as much as 20-25 pounds. Ha!

  • pleinelune

    First of all, how was I offended?

    I am actually from Europe and have lived in several countries throughout this continent, and traveled in (almost) all countries in Europe. I also lived in Thailand for a year and for the last seven years or so I have been traveling throughout S-E Asia.
    Living in Paris, traveling, working and studying in foreign countries I’ve met people from pretty much everywhere.

    Please go back and read my post again!

    I never said curvy women are “great”, I said we wouldn’t be here to even discuss this without them. Because women need a certain amount of body fat to have children, and today, when so many young women want to be a size 0 they risk damaging their health, losing their period, etc. Historically only healthy women could have children.
    I did say curvy, not overweight, women, and never said being overweight is healthy.

    I have met too many women who support an eating disorder by claiming they’re vegan/vegetarian. That is not healthy.

    I never said people aren’t usually thinner in Europe than in the US. Having been to the US I do see a huge difference. But I’m not going to pretend it’s not a problem here and that it’s not getting worse, because it is.
    As I wrote in my previous post, it’s due to people eating more and more fastfood, transfats and sugar, and can’t be blamed entirely on meat. For example, before WWII people in northern Europe never had fresh fruit and veggies in the winter time, only pickled ones. Even today, most people in Europe have a diet based mostly on meat products.

    As for the Orient, I always thought most people were vegetarian before going there and finding it extremely hard to find something to eat outside of bigger cities like Bangkok, Saigon and Beijing. Many people will think you are a bit strange for not eating meat, because being vegetarian can be a sign of you not having enough money to actually buy meat (it used to be just like that in Europe, and still is in some parts). However, most people will do their very best to accomodate you, usually after an extensive explanation.

    I would never say it’s okay to be obese, and I’m pretty sure making your children obese should be classified as childabuse. It’s not okay. Thankfully, I’ve never seen a show like that over here.
    We do however get a lot of documentaries on grossly obese people (in the US, one in Mexico) who can’t even move, and their relatives keep buying them food. As far as I know, outside of the UK, there have been no such known cases in Europe yet (but I may be mistaken). You’d think after a certain point people would stop feeding them, and I do think doing so should also be considered a crime.

    We do need to understand though that food isn’t the only problem here, many medical conditions and/or medication will cause people to gain weight.

    Being a vegan/vegetarian doesn’t make you healthy by default, and being a certain weight alone doesn’t make you healthy or not (just like Chloe said!). There are many different body types, thankfully, so we don’t all look the same.
    People will often get stuck on weight and size, and sadly the focus is more often than not on women.

    To me, Kelly doesn’t look fat at all.

    Having lived for a long time in Paris, this scrutiny of women is a daily affair and frankly tiresome. The size 0 ideal is old news here and women like Kelly are basically thought of as obese. Women who are medically obese are basically a pariah. Many women will eat one, maybe twice a day, work out like crazy and survive on coffee and ciggarettes. All in the name of an ideal.

    Some people are naturally skinny, so let them, some people aren’t, and that’s okay too.

  • erin


    in your prior email you said “no overweight people!? please” of course I didn’t say there were no overweight people in Europe. I said there are fewer. Same with Asian countries. Bottom line is I can say there are fewer fat people in XXX country than America because we’re the fattest country there is.

    Bottom line. I am tired – sick and tired of saying oh she’s not really fat. I heard it for years from the Mid Westerners (and even FLoridians- not so much Californians- that I was too thin, too thin… You know what, if someone tells me that again I’m not going to smile like i used to and say well maybe I am. I’m going to say no, you’re too fat.

    Here’s a better photo of Kelly Clarkson whose music I despise. Mass produced American Idol spawn sewage music is how I think of it…

    Daily I used to work with people like her who would tell me how skinny I was. Screw them. Anywhere else in the world it’s normal to be 5’9 and 124 lbs.. Not in the US… (unless you’rea freakin fashion model) and no, I don’t think that it’s right to make the models too thin… BUT just as I think it’s ok to tell someone when they’re truly too thin and need help (happens all the time) I think it should be ok to tell the 99% of people they’re too fat!

    Chloe, love the name. One of my favorites. You obviously don’t have a big stomach like most (let me say many) women you’re weight and size… So really curvy (by definition) is ok if someone has a small waist. We’ve all read about the dangers of having weight around our mid section (where so many people carry it in the US) You’re probably also naturally more muscular. I bet you didn’t used to weigh 99 lbs (like many 5’2 women I know…and then you gained 35 lbs) Again, as I said before there are exceptions. But I’m still going to maintain that , on a whole, most people who are 5’4 145 (the average weight in the US for women) are overweight. Women in Asian countries are 5’4 and they damn well aren’t 145.. You see I’m adopted. And I have two mothers. Both are 5’4. One used to be 145 and almost died of cancer. Fortunately the other one I got to work out, eat better, lose weight and she’s no longer 145 (well a little less but we’re working on her losing 15 lbs) That’s right she carries around her mid section like most women. So I Don’t say it to just make women (or men) feel bad. I say it (and structure my business around this philosophy) so that people might take charge and realize that MOST times (not always!) IF they are these “average” weights they need to cut back, eat better.

    So true Chloe about many veggies eating bad foods. Vegetarian doesn’t equal healthy. I agree wholeheartedly. I have some heavy vegetarian friends and they’re working to eat more raw fresh veggies, less cooked processed food to cut back.

    Again, I don’t say it to be spiteful. I know that my mothers (BOTH of them!) were told by their useless doctors that their weight was normal (birth mom was pretty thin in the waist but still too heavy) The docs were fat too. (way “fatter” than my two moms) So they thought ok, I’m fine. I’m a size 10 and big in the middle but my doc says that’s normal. BULLSHIT!

    Meanwhile me at 5’9 130 (and that was heavy for me!) my doc tells me i’m too thin. ANd need to gain weight. And he’s a fat lard ass. What bullshit. He just said that because in this region especially he’s not used to seeing people who are actually thin! I work out each day and was in shape to boot.. It’s messed up. And we need to change our whole mind set.

    You can talk til you’re blue in the face and make exceptions or excuse it, but on the whole we’re a fat nation and it needs to change. And don’t tell me you don’t see fat kids daily. My own little relatives are fat.,… and I worry about it. I wouldn’t dare tell them and give the kids a complex but something needs to be done.

    And granted no it’s not right to not eat all day and smoke cigarettes (“like they do in Paris” to stay thin) Also yes they do eat meat but they also go the market daily and get fresh produce. I know I’ve lived there too!

    This photo describes it best. The difference between a “typical” average European woman and an American woman.


    Spreading the truth and not afraid to speak it.


  • erin

    PS apparently the media think beyonce AND jessica “real girls eat meat” simpson are fat too

  • Whoever…

    I don’t know how this thread even became an issue about overweight but I’ll play along… :)

    I’m also a European and we are definitely much thinner than the average American. Particularly in the Mediterranean countries where I live. We have (or used to have) one of the best diets in the world (no, not vegetarian unfortunately, although I am). This diet consisted mainly of using olive oil to cook and eating lots of cereals and vegetables (usually always accompanying meat or fish).

    Unfortunately, with globalization and its negative effects (I haven’t really seen much good coming out of it) we are being flooded with fast food (=junk food)! Therefore we’re getting fatter and at a very alarming rate.

    Accordingly to the way of life in my country, Kelly is fat in this picture. Not obese, but fat. I don’t have a problem with that. I couldn’t care less! It’s her body! And btw I’m not defending bodies like the ones most models have… They’re not thin, they’re skin and bones. Both extremes aren’t healthy.

    If vegetarians also don’t have a balanced and varied diet, obviously they won’t be healthy as well. I think it’s plain common sense.
    However, I believe that vegetarians/vegans (V) overall are much healthier than those who aren’t vegetarians/vegans.

    My issue on this thread is the fact that many ‘stars’ claim they’re V without actually being one! And then we read pathetic remarks like “I’m vaguely vegan” or “I’m almost vegetarian, I only eat meat one or two times a week”! This is ridiculous.
    And even among those who claim they are V, some actually walk around with leather clothes or promote brands that sell fur and leather clothes!!

    I mean, either you’re a V or you’re not! My problem is with people who use that to be trendy and for some reason nowadays saying you’re V is cool!

    This is a life style! It’s not a trend. People only become V for 2 valid (religion doesn’t count) reasons – health related issues or ethical issues. The latter is the most common and the only one that makes people be V for life! This implies (or at least should) they don’t use any product which harmed animals along the way – this includes clothes and cosmetics!

    Now, I’m sick and tired of these pseudo stars (I’m not specifically referring to Kelly) that use this way of life to promote their image!

    Then I have people asking me when I tell them I’m a vegetarian (I only say it if it’s necessary, it’s not like I go around announcing it to the world) if I still eat fish or chicken!!! Absurd.

    People should be who they are and admit it! I hate hypocrites!

    Have a great weekend!


  • pleinelune

    I posted one comment, and then another one to explain the first one, which obviously wasn’t clear enough.

    Yes, I was speaking about Paris, France, to give an example, but that’s only one of many. Not all people go to the market every day, some do, but not all, most people have no time. The saying in Paris is “subway-work-sleep”, and sadly in many cases that’s true (meaning you spend a lot of time communting to work, then back again to sleep). The sad fact is that there’s an immense amount of scrutiny on women here and none on men. It’s not healthy.

    And once again, I’m not American, I’m European (whatever that means).
    I have traveled throughout Europe, Asia, and several places in South America, some places in the US and met all types of people. I have seen obesity like in the US in places like China and Mexico.

    Europe is a continent with many different cultures, languages, styles of cooking. In the south, granted, the diet is traditionally heavier on vegetables, but in the northern countries it’s heavier on meat and dairy. Simple fact.
    However, with the EU it’s becoming more and more homogenized and people are embracing some kind of americanization which in actual fact basically means that they’re eating more and more fastfood.

    I guess we’re making two separate arguments. You’re talking about the situation in the US, which I’m not defending, and I’m talking about the growing problem with weight in Europe. Making America healthy is great, but at the same time it’s important we try and stop this worrying trend of eating fast food, lots of sugar, transfats, etc, in Europe… well, basically, worldwide. Attemps of doing this over here are being made, and I hope the same is done in the US. You mentioned launching a website. That sounds like a great initiative!

    I think the huge difference between, let’s say once again, the US and Europe would be that up until recently TV-dinners, fastfood and such were sort of a luxury (in Europe) and people would still go to the market and cook their own food. Parents would treat their children to a fastfood “restaurant” a couple of times a year (for their birthday or such) but now, for many, it’s practically every weekend. And with all these take-outs, people suddenly have no time to cook food, whereas before there were no take-outs and somehow they still had time to cook. Not sure when this happened in the US, but I’m only guessing it must have been some time ago.
    People are lazy… but sadly there’s no quick fix.

    In the words of Aneurin Bevan:
    This is my truth, tell me yours.

  • RemyC

    Give the freakin’ girl a break! If you want to see obese, pick up the premiere issue of LOVE magazine!

    Have you ever heard the expression, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do?”

    It’s called diplomacy. What is she going to do, go on a crusade to evangelise all the members of her family to a vegan lifestyle?

    I go by what the aliens told Billy Meier in Switzerland… never eat anything bigger than you are.

  • CatherineM

    I am a vegetarian, and my partner is not. I have found that the only way to not feel like a hypocrite is to let him make his own meat dishes on his days to cook. On my days, he eats only vegetarian, and he actually has seen the benefits of it. it has led to him cutting down on eating meat, but when he wants it, he knows to make it himself.

  • erin


    Yes you are right. It has gotten worse in Europe. Not only are the people getting bigger (though still not near the sizes I see regularly in the US! :) but even their vehicles are getting bigger! Every time I go I see many more SUV’s (Sad) I’m in a retreat and am not supposed to be online (bad Erin) but actually I don’t think I disagree with anything you said. We both agree that they’re healthier in Europe (as a whole) but catching up fast with America. That’s sad. I hope that when I return to Prague (I’m half Czech) all the beautiful slender women aren’t all heavier than Kelly Clarkson. It would be a tragedy to see them all eating tv dinners and increasing their portions (we probably all agree that up until recently their portions are smaller than Americans typically eat….

    RemyC great like about not eating anything bigger than we are. Words to live by.


  • Leah

    This entire thread just illustrates to me how ridiculous vegetarians are.

  • VeggieTart

    Look, just because she cooks turkey doesn’t make her a “bad” vegetarian; there are plenty of veg*ans who cook meat, usually for omni family members. I met one person who was a personal chef who is veg but cooks fish for her employers. She didn’t say she ate the thing, just that she cooked it. Maybe the exhaustion of preparing the carcass will get her off flesh duty next year or, better yet, she convinces her family to have a veg thanksgiving.

    And for the record–I’m a chubby vegan.

  • Elaine Vigneault

    I wouldn’t do it. I don’t eat animals. I don’t cook animals.

    I also wouldn’t attack her appearance.

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  • Poppy Vanderbilt

    “This entire thread just illustrates to me how ridiculous vegetarians are.”

    I am a new non meat eater and i have to agree.