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Much has been said about Earthlings — the stunning documentary about how dependent human beings are on animals. Ellen DeGeneres credits the film with making her go vegan, but acknowledges, “I don’t know if people will actually sit through it, but if they could, it would be amazing. It’s hard to watch.”

Obviously, there’s a great deal of graphic visuals showing animals suffering — something that’s deterred many from taking a look. It’s the unfortunate reality for some that ignorance is bliss — and Earthlings does an amazing job of pulling back the curtain on day-to-day practices that some people would rather not know about.

In an effort to reach out to those who might want to hear the message, but not necessarily see the images, the producers have released a new audiobook of the film adapted from the original feature-length film. It’s once more narrated by Joaquin Phoenix and features music by Moby. “Releasing Earthlings as an audiobook allows us to present this sensitive issue in a way that educates its audience without alienating or overwhelming them,” said Earthlings executive producer Babak Cyrus Razi. “We understand that the film’s shocking images are not suited for all viewers, so the audiobook is ideal for anyone who has been hesitant to see the film, or as a way for animal activists or pet owners to introduce their friends and family to animal rights, vegan lifestyles and the exploitation of animals for profit.”

Want to grab it? The audiobook is available for immediate download at the official site for $13.97 or preorder a two-CD set for $19.99. Alternatively, check out our recent interview with Earthlings director Shaun Monson here.

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