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With the announcement last week of Al Gore’s new book Our Choice, the official sequel to the popular An Inconvenient Truth, people around the world are already queing up for the unannounced movie version. This was the scene outside a Regal Cinema in Houston, Texas on Monday.

Even with no release date on the horizon, people are still excited. “As soon as we heard about Our Choice, we packed up the kids and dog and decided to get in line,” said Meryl Risen. “We have no doubt that it’s going to be an action-packed sequel — I mean, did you see how cool those new slides were at the Congressional hearing with Gore in January?!”

Theater owners in the meantime were a little less than thrilled. “I mean, we’re happy to have people coming to the movies, but it’s just a tent city out there,” said Pyramid Mall Regal Manager Luke Wieder “Plus, the people in line keep complaining about our lack of organic and vegetarian snacks — and they’ve even heckled people in SUVs coming to see the new Hannah Montana film.”

Still, some businesses are benefiting from the pop-up cities. Jill Carrol, who owns the Veggie Barn Cafe across from Regal says business is up 600%. “In this economy, we’ll take the increased revenue. We hope Gore takes his time in releasing the film. These people are crazy, but we love them.”

It’s worth mentioning that today is April 1st.

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  • Pierre

    okay, you had me until about half way through, but to be fair, I hadn’t had any coffee…

  • Jozelle

    Wow arent they colorful and oh so hippified lol…………look at how many have dreadlocks ……..Well I hope they are trying to be apart of the soltuion and not just secretly still apart of the problem because their have been way too many posers running around of late acting like”treehuggers” when they are so not green.