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It’s getting harder and harder for Tina Fey to drop the spirit of Sarah Palin.

The popular actress and former-SNL alum rode a wave of popularity last year with her impression of former Republican Vice-Presidential nominee, Governor Sarah Palin. Unfortunately, since the party’s defeat in November, friends say Fey has had a hard time giving up the act. “She absolutely threw herself into that role,” said one source. “You have absolutely no idea how soul crushing it is to pretend to be in Palin’s shoes. There were moments when I would discover her listening to Rush Limbaugh while simultaneously watching FOX News with the volume off. I even found literature for the creationist musuem in Kentucky in the back seat of hew new Ford F-150 pickup truck — and Tina hates trucks!”

Even with the success and popularity of her hit TV Show 30 Rock, friends say Fey just isn’t happy. “She’s generally a very bubbly, open-minded person,” said production designer Reily Wilkes, “but lately she’s constantly bitching about Obama and doodling “2012” all over the set. I’ve had to clean the ladies bathroom mirror four time already because of pitbulls drawn with lipstick. It’s seriously getting old.”

Friends close to Fey say they’re now being forced to take drastic action in the wake of her announcement that she’s planning to aerially hunt wolves next week in Alaska. “We need to cleanse Tina’s soul before it’s too late,” said Ashley Judd. “I’ve fought long and hard to stop the real Sarah Palin from causing more damage to Alaska’s wildlife. I’m not sure the world can seriously handle two of them.”

When asked for comment, Tina Fey simply winked at us, went “pew! pew!” with her fingers, and flashed us her new “Real Women Hunt Moose” canvas tote.

It’s worth noting that today is April 1st.

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  • beforewisdom

    I wish this was more than a joke. No, I don’t mean that Fey should really hunt, but it would be cool if she reassumed her role as Palin and did some sort of publicity stunt to protest this very brutal form of hunting.