Three of our favorites in one video? NO WAY!!!

Now showing on and is a video featuring Chloé Jo Berman and Joshua Katcher chatting with vegan shoe designer Elizabeth Olsen about olsen Haus — her fancy line of vegan footwear!

We featured an exclusive interview with the shoe designer to the stars late last year and give you our word that she’s super neat!

In the video, Chloé points out:

“Here’s the thing: women are so squeamish in general about blood and guts and war, and yet we’re wearing the skins of another being on our person. It’s so incongruous! And so when we look at lines like olsen Haus and we see our options: stylish, beautiful, elegant, just matches everything, but also are fashion forward — there’s no question as to making the switch.”

Incongruous? Good word, Chloé! 

So check out the olsen Haus brand and we see why we can’t stop talking about these badass vegan shoes!

  • erin

    great interview.. like how the music came through my left speaker and your voices came through my right. never seen that before online. Very Beatlesque :)


  • Get Technical

    Wow, Erin. I just noticed that after you mentioned it. You’ve got very acute senses.

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  • Rob

    Chloé – you’re gorgeous, you too Joshua!

    And the shoes.

  • erin

    Thanks GT :)

    Yeah comes from being a musician all my life I’d imagine (and growing up with them :)