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Keira Knightley stars in a new PSA on domestic violence for the UK charity Women’s Aid — and it’s a realistic, disturbing message that drives home the importance of addressing the issue. Obviously, there’s been a great deal of awareness lately due to the horrible incident between Chris Brown and Rhianna. Hopefully, PSAs like this one will continue to build on these discussions and help save lives. Check it out below:

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  • Jozelle

    Im 18 and I have always loved and respected Keira Knightley and afetr watching that I am especially in love with her even more for the fact she was apart of that very powerful PSA I hope they show that on American Programs because that is so true raw and realistic.Thank You Ecorazzi for profiling that and letting it know as well as for everyone to know its not right for a man or a women to be abused.

  • Whoever…

    Obviously ‘men’ who do this aren’t ‘real’ men.

    They are very insecure and have an extremely low self-esteem! Therefore they try to control their partner by any means… including violence!

    I know this is easier to say than to do but women who are victims of domestic violence must take a stand and leave the bastard once and for all! Once a ‘man’ abuses a woman psychologically and/or physically he will never stop! You don’t have to put up with it! Don’t be fooled! The violence WILL escalate! Just seek help and leave him… otherwise you will pay the price… ultimately with your own life!! Is any man worth that!?

    As a man, I tell you NO there isn’t!!

  • Elizabeth Lopez


  • pleinelune

    Kudos to Keira for doing this PSA.
    Playing mindgames with the person you claim to love, beating them to control them… there’s no excuse for that…

  • Helga

    Very well done of Keira Knightley. She is a fantstic woman for coming forward and actually filming such a necessary video to expose domestic violence.

    I also agree with Whoever that the men who actually do abuse women aren’t real men. I have many men around me that are real men and would never touch a woman in anger.

    Men who abuse women are cowards and bullies, who look for someone weaker to pick on. They also use manipulation tactics and financial control to keep women by their side. It’s truly sad.

  • VeggieTart

    Utterly chilling. But Whoever, leaving a man who abuses you is often easier said than done. I have done research, and usually, the abuse starts with psychological to break down her self-esteem, isolation, etc., before he gets physical. If she has children or pets, he may take it out on them (in fact abusers often kill animals dear to their victims).

    But I think we agree they are not real men, but cowards.