by Michael Parrish DuDell
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underwood_hsusYou know that bully in seventh grade that took joy in ruining everything just for the sake of it? Yep, that bully is alive and well and calls himself The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance.

Last month we broke the news that the pro-hunting group went apples and bananas when Carrie Underwood decided to donate money to the HSUS — a group they call “a radical organization that seeks to end hunting and other responsible uses of animals in America.”

Claiming that “Carrie Underwood has decided to use her talents to benefit an organization dedicated to destroying the rights of thousands of her fans,” the U.S Sportsmen’s Alliance is now asking people to go online and vote for anyone other than her in the Academy of Country Music’s (ACM) Entertainer of the Year category.

Wow! Really, U.S Sportsmen’s Alliance?

First, the HSUS is an incredible organization that works hard to end suffering and, in my humble opinion, is one of the least radical animal welfare groups in the country. Secondly, Carrie Underwood is being attacked for doing a good deed. Homegirl has the right to support whatever organization she chooses.

And so Ecorazzi readers — I have a plan! We get a billion jillion hits on this site and I want to use our “fame” to help my favorite country music sweetheart.

Take two seconds and vote for Carrie Underwood as Academy of Country Music’s (ACM)Entertainer of the Year. Let’s show these “sportsmen” who’s boss!!

  • michael


  • Anon

    Already did! Go Carrie, I love how she does not back down for what she believes in just cause some crazies threaten her success. Good for her!

  • Whoever…

    Done! Voted for her!


    These ‘men’ are little frustrated ignorant men with very low self-esteem!
    Truth be told they are a disgrace to real men such as myself :)

    Besides, they are cowards – they are ‘attacking’ an independent woman for using her money as she sees fit; that is also why they use guns to hunt helpless animals. What brave men!!!! [I bet these 'men' would love to live in countries where the wife can't leave the house alone and without the permission of her husband and where she is forced to have sex with him even if she doesn't want to!! (and yes, even if this sounds appalling, unfortunately there are still places where this still happens!!)]

    They are a bunch of dangerous right-wing extremists, i.e., human scum!! This planet is in serious need of a global cleansing…
    Have I offended anyone!? GOOD!!!

    If I were Carrie I would publicly tell them to F*** OFF!!

  • patty

    voted for carrie

  • puffins

    I already voted too, but I just made new accounts for all my different email addresses so I could send in more votes! Go Carrie! I hope she wins! I think the hunters who oppose Carrie are a small (yet vocal) minority.

  • Scott Flaherty

    She gets my vote!

  • Helena

    Voted! She is great, and I don’t even like country music all that much.

  • Vani

    Done! did it!…yay Carrieeeeeee!!!!

  • ADifferentView

    Isn’t this site doing the same thing as the US Sportsman Alliance – voicing its opinion for what it believes in? Why is it OK here but not for the opposing group?

    And the comment from Whoever…goodness. Is that really how you view those who choose to hunt? I know many men who hunt, but I don’t recall any of them having this point of view about women. They do appreciate an independent woman who may even hunt with them.

    I would encourage you to speak to those who hunt, ask them questions. Your opinions may differ, but you may be surprised by what you discover through a conversation.

    My comments are much different than those posted already, but consider them food for thought.

  • Janie

    ^ Well, it is because the group doing that is very radical and posting lies if you have to know – if you can’t see that difference then………. They are saying that because she is for the fair treatment of pets, she is a terrorist. Her dad is a hunter and her boyfriend is a hunter so I don’t much care what hunters have to say since she is not against hunters. They are just a group using her to try and promote their cause, whatever the heck that might be.

  • michael


    Good point — and I’m sure not everyone commenting here believes that all hunters are evil or women-haters. I personally know many hunters (women included) that are wonderful people. I may not agree with their passions, but I don’t think they deserve to be labeled as disgraceful either.

    I take issue with the Sportsmen’s alliance label of the HSUS as a radical group and for her being slammed as supporting domestic terrorism. I think that’s just ridiculous.

  • Whoever…

    Obviously some people don’t understand what they read!

    In this particular case I was clearly referring myself to this extremist group!!!

    However, I’ve met a few hunters and I do not like them! I can’t and won’t socialize with anyone who likes to kill for fun – the hunt to eat argument is false since it’s more expensive to do so than to buy meat at a local market!

    So, it is okay for the Sportsmen’s Alliance to label HSUS and Carrie as terrorists but my comment about those people is a ridiculous one!?

    Yeah right…

    I’ve talked to a number of vets in my country and they all say their worst clients are hunters – you want to know why? Because when their hunting dogs get sick or injured, most of the hunters don’t want to ‘waste’ money treating them and so they prefer to put them to sleep or just leave the dogs in the vet and never show up again!

    So don’t come telling me to go and talk to hunters!!

    I’m all in favour of different points of views but I do not accept killing for fun!!!

  • jbdean


    How anyone can consider killing animals a sport is beyond me … and any reasonably thinking human. Maybe they haven’t heard of a new thing that’s popping up recently … grocery stores.

  • jbdean

    As for someone being a *good* person and yet a hunter, I see that as quite an oxymoron. The killing of defenseless animals for *sport^ is down right evil (not to mention UNsporting) and erases good that these people may have done. Would we consider a person that murders another person good because he may donate to the homeless or give his time to those less fortunate? If he killed for the sheer pleasure of killing, no we cannot condone his good in light of his evil acts. Saturday sinners and Sunday repenters are only fooling themselves. They carry the blood of these innocent creatures of God’s on their hands. I don’t personally know any hunters, and I’ll keep it that way. I could not imagine having a friend that kills innocent animals. It turns my stomach with sadness.

    And as for our voting for Carrie because the hunters are voting against her, we’re just evening out the vote. Personally, I’d vote for her anyway but this is just a great way to let people know that the hunters are trying to slant the vote for their own agenda with dishonest voting.

  • md1620

    voted :) thanks

  • md1620


  • parrish

    ADifferentVIew: The difference is that we’re playing defense, not offense.

  • Chase

    link colors are really hard to see on this page. i couldn’t even see that there was a link to vote!

  • Jayme

    I find it absurd that people would act in such a manor. Honestly, give the girl a break. She did a nice thing, and she gets crap for it. WOW.

    I’m kinda nervous for her to win EOTY because if she does she is going to get MAJOR backlash. From “ex fans” because of this whole hunters thing and people who think she is not country enough to win the awards.

    I hope, she hasn’t heard about this, but she probably has.

    I did vote for her, I hope she wins all her awards tonight!:)

  • ADifferentView

    Something perhaps to consider about who’s on offense or defense:

    I do appreciate the thoughts and open conversation.

    And, I say, good luck to all those nominated for this evening’s awards.

  • Melisser

    Oh darn, voting closed!

  • Glen Smith

    It’s about time somebody puts a stop to those people who rape the worlds wildlife.Kill,Kill until there is nothing left.Let’s stop them now. (added by Mobile using Mippin)

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  • Sam Hill

    Wow… what a pathetic group we have here! Honest Hunters, Trappers (gasp!) and Fisherman have more true compassion for wildlife and the environment AND the balls to truly want to understand our natural environment than a million of you wack jobs put together will ever have. Carrie Underwood, even though I really like her music (and she’s kinda hot too!) – is disrespecting rural people, their families and communities who have farmed, hunted, trapped and fished for generations… Were all these farmer’s, hunter’s and trapper’s grandfathers and grandmothers sadistic murders??? I doubt it… as a matter of fact they were well respected people in society. The wild animals Carrie Underwood is proclaiming to protect by embracing HSUS’s idealistic philosophy will die off by way of mange, distemper, rabies and a host of other nasty diseases. That’s natures way. What’s so bad if people actually want to use some of these animals before this happens? Hunters and trappers don’t want to wipe out animals. They want to foster healthy populations, in which we can all benefit from. There is also a huge amount of regulation on these activities I might add. If you don’t want to do it, that’s fine just don’t tell me I can’t. I love it and I also love wildlife… more than you will ever comprehend.

    It’s really amazing that many “free thinking, social change types” have somehow embraced the Animal Rights agenda… since it’s about as close minded and simplistic in thought as anyone can possibly get.