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Retail giant Jo-Ann Fabrics has partnered up with Christie Brinkley to launch a new line of eco-friendly fabrics. The collection is made with organic cotton or recycled polyester that’s made from plastic bottles.

“I wanted to design fabrics that are great looking and casual but, as a mother of three and a longtime environmental advocate, I also wanted the fabrics to be environmentally friendly,” says Christie Brinkley, who studied art and design in Paris, France prior to becoming a model. “I was thrilled when Jo-Ann asked me to create a line of sustainable fabrics because it’s important for me to know that I am doing everything I can to ensure that our children inherit a healthy environment. Supporting organics is a huge step in that direction!”

In addition to the organic cotton and recycle polyester, the line will also be using a waterless process, a green method that has virtually no waste water. “My commitment is to use eco-sensitive fibers and fabrics to create a collection that combines my love of global design with a distinct American point of view,” explains Brinkley.

Look for the Brinkley collection to be available shortly.


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  • tina

    Jesus. That woman is how old?! I think she met somebody at the Crossroads long ago…

    Oh and good job Christie. If only every designer would get on board!

  • VeggieTart

    Now, that is awesome. If the average Jill can afford clothes made with it, even better. But aren’t plastic bottles used to make polar fleece?

  • RemyC

    It’s heart warming to see such a fervent anti-nuclear crusader be embraced by a sustainable fabric company. Brings us one step closer to shutting down Indian Point with fashion.

  • Linsara

    What about REAL silk, REAL hemp or REAL linen…..
    recycled polyester!!??
    I think NOT!!