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Vegan rockstar and Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich got a little 1-2 last week when Ohio County Commissioner and party chairman Jimmy Dimora decided to poke fun at his plant-based diet.  

According to “U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s diet is one of Dimora’s frequent targets, and Dimora didn’t miss an opportunity Sunday.”

When Dennis’ vegan meal was served, Dimora requested that Kucinich take his food home with him, saying: 

“I don’t want anyone getting sick from that.” 

Hey listen, I’m all for joking a guy every now and then, but you’re really gonna suggest that vegan food makes you sick? Yikes! Not to be a Judgmental Jonah, but Dennis looks a hell of a lot healthier then Jimmy if you ask me. 

All I’m saying is maybe next time Dimora should skip the ribeye and ask Dennis for a bite of his vegetable wonderfulness…or get a better joke.

  • VeggieTart

    And considering there’s a lot of food that’s vegan that people don’t think about being vegan, it makes Dimora sound like even more of a tool.

  • Alyson

    Wow. Maybe he should read this paper from the American Dietetic Association on the health benefits of veganism:

    Then, maybe he’ll even give up the animal products:)

  • erin

    VT said it best. Dimora sounds like a total tool (and looks like he needs a few vegan meals and a few hundred times around the track to work off some of that fat.

    Jack Lalanne (who hasn’t eaten meat in what? 70 years?) could teach him a thing or two.

    Kucinich is still my hero. If he turns Ron Paul Vegan and runs with him and they win in 2012 then I think we might have a perfect world :)


  • Tracy

    Dimora needs to go on a diet!

  • jaxin

    That picture comparison is all the “comeback” Kucinich needs.


    Can’t hate what you don’t, Demora. I don’t blame him because he is stuck with so many others believing eating classic so called American food will give you health. Just because MCDonalds serves over who knows how many millions now, does not mean it is healthy. People’s ignorance is still up. Many still believe if everyone is doing it then it must be safe… umm yeah … I don’t think sooooo… Get health,get slim, and results from a whole food plant based diet. Get unpleasant growth from S.A.D. food and you may not be around to enjoy the true things in life.

    So eat well, have great energy or eat poorly, loose energy and get sick. -Simple.

    If I hear one more article about how vegans are sick or how some celeb was vegan but could not keep so called diet because they were sick on the diet, I am gonna flip. If you eat fries or sweets all day and your vegan does not mean your a smart vegan. No problems with eating a little here and there.This is just like if someone just ate steak all day every day and they would be articles in the news saying that meat eating is unhealthy. Veganism …. um… not a trend. To all those who want to call themselves vegans and make the diet fail and get a front page article saying bad things about veganism please stop. No more bad press, because to many of us are doing just fine on a vegan diet and not returning to meat. Your sending out the wrong message and people are believing that crap. Meat not so healthy, cancer, heart attacks and other diseases. Check out the kidney stones around the country… not to pleasant. My bro had at least two that he had to pass he has not been to happy about it. I wonder when he will catch on. :-) Nough said, be happy and have a great day!

  • Eric

    This brings to mind the classic dinner scene from Nutty Professor!

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  • TRU

    I was going to say PIG, but, hey! pigs are adorable, INTELLIGENT animals, so nope, I don’t think Dimora deserves the compliment!:)
    Go Dennis!!