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If you’re not a regular Wheel of Fortune watcher, you probably missed last week’s theme: “Get eco-friendly with Wheel!”

To help prove their mighty greeness, the producers decked out the stage with big green letters that spelled: “Going Green.” And Vanna White even took to her blog, saying:

“I’ve always appreciated the environment, and in recent years I’ve paid even more attention to my impact on its well-being. There is so much that all of us can do to help out, and you know what? It’s pretty simple! From buckling your seat belt before you start the ignition to reusing plastic bags…I found some easy ways to conserve water on Be Water Wise.”

Wait…buckling my seatbelt? Ummm…Vannah, I’ll take a “WTF” for 200, please.

But while Vanna and friends were going green, we’re pretty sure Pat Sajak was Rumpelstiltskining over in the corner. 

Ecorazzi told you earlier that Sajak clearly stated his thoughts on climate change last year when he authored the piece “Man-Made Global Warming: 10 Questions.

So what’s the deal? Has Sajak crossed over to the green side, or did the producers veto his smog-loving ways? I think I’m gonna go with the latter on this one.


  • Dan

    I think Vanna means buckling BEFORE you turn on your car, rather than AFTER you turn it on so that you’re not putting out emissions longer than needed. It’s in the same school of thought as people who say to turn your car off when you’re idling at red lights, etc. to save gas and produce less emissions. They’re small steps, but they’re better than nothing.

    She didn’t get her point across well though, I’ll agree.

  • Miguelo

    “a WTF for 200″ had me on the floor laughing. At work–thank you very much.

  • Ashley

    I second Miguelo, WTF for 200 was HILARIOUS!

  • erin


    Miguelo is right. That was pretty freaking hilarious!

    I’ve never cared much (or thought about) Vannah and Pat Saycrap is a loser with Napoleon Complex…. but glad to see the show is going green.

    I buckle up after I turn the car on but it doesn’t matter if it’s a hybrid I guess. I could start buckling up first I suppose.

    Man I cannot stand that man Pat!


  • s

    “wtf for 200″! linked to that article and commented…a rather long comment, but he asked questions, i gave answers…