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heather_mills_charityHeather Mills is making headlines again. No, it’s not another fast food rumor, but some actual tabloid trickery that the former Mrs. McCartney alleges was created to get her to talk about her famous ex-husband. According to ABC News, Mills’ agent was contacted by a Dr. Erika Taylor, claiming to be with an American-based charity called Marital Understanding. ‘Dr. Taylor’ was inviting Mills to speak at their black-tie gala in Los Angeles for a fee of $60,000, which would have been donated to the charity Mines Advisory Group.

Problem is the charity Marital Understanding doesn’t even exist. (Th website has since disappeared.) ABC News did a bit of digging and found no such records filed in California for the non-profit. Mills and her agent also noted that the site had been created two days prior to the phone call — and that the IP addresses traced back to News Corp (which owns tabloids like The Sun and The News of the World). Apparently, this isn’t the first time News Corp has used such sting tactics — and the matter is now pending a criminal investigation with the London police.

You may not be a fan of Mills, but that’s a pretty low tactic on the part of News Corp — especially when it comes to offering a charitable donation. Check out the rest of the story here.

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  • mary

    Anything…..ANYTHING……to get attention. I’m sure this sort of thing happens all the time in celebrityland. And it’s not much of a story. How exactly were they going to trick her into talking about Paul? Even if everything she says is true, at any point along the way she could have made it clear she wouldn’t be talking about her marriage (not that she wouldn’t like to but the judge won’t allow it)and that would be the end of it. Big deal. And these retractions she talks about? No doubt she’d like you to think that they relate to some of the really bad things reported about her. But no. They have to do with stories like exactly how many boob jobs she’s had or whether her daughter is going to be featured on a recording with her father. It’s been over a year since the divorce and she’s still talking about it. She really needs to go away but she just can’t stand to give up the limelight.

  • Phoenix225

    SUCH a liar! How are these people supposed to pay her $60,000 and have untold numbers of individuals show up to a fake event to dupe her without such a scenario being painfully obvious? This story is amazing — extremely reminiscent of when Heather Mills was running her OWN charities that were also NOT registered! Monies received for those charities went directly into her own pocket, not to her purported charities — this was proven in their divorce papers… I find it also hilarious she is scolding this woman for “creating news” — creating non-news is everything Mills is about… I truly believe she hired this woman, set up and executed this scenario herself for media purposes — once again, trying to be a respectable heroine she is not in any way… Heather Mills absolutely grosses me out, and I wish she would go away to anywhere but America… She really thinks we are stupid and do not catch on to her underhanded ways… What a ridiculous creature she is…

  • hil

    you would think the fact that an alleged charity called Marital Understanding wanted one of the most infamous divorcees to speak on their behalf would have been a red flag….

  • erin

    I am with Hil and the others on this one Parrish. Ya know I love ya, but I can’t stand me any Heather Mills!

    I believe actions speak louder than words and the that shrill voice of hers combined with the fact she dumped a pitcher of WATER over a professional attorney’s head in the courtroom and the judge said he was pretty much disgusted with her? Sorry just speaks volumes to me.

    She could say she was zapped by aliens and taken to outer space. i don’t believe a word she says. She’s a spin doctor and needs help. :(