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There are several things about this photo that we love. First off, Hugh Jackman was captured leaving the the Sydney Children’s Hospital in Sydney, Australia yesterday after visiting young patients with his goodie bag. Awesome. Next, he’s carrying a reusable bag — something we’ve spotted the World’s Sexiest Man rocking out with before. Finally, might the incredibly-fit Jackman be subscribing to a plant-based diet? I have my doubts — but the company on the bag, VEGA, believes that plant-based diets are the only true way to achieve optimal health. They also sell a myriad of products (energy bars, food supplements, etc.) that are all plant-based and natural.

Nice work, Hugh.

Photo credit: INF Photo

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  • VeggieTart

    It’s possible he got that bag at a green event and doesn’t really use their products.

    It’s also possible that he’s not veg, but he still eats vegan health foods stuff.

    Or maybe he’s working his way to vegan. One can dream!

  • Sherry

    And what about this comparison to Mick Jagger in today’s news? Abs for lips? That’s a crazy decision. Mick’s a legend and Hugh’s a hunk. Two alpha’s with plenty of alphaero power going for them. How could she lose either way?

  • michael

    To be sure, it’s all conjecture regarding the vegan connection. I just saw it and thought it was worth a mention. :)

  • Fruitbat

    Definitely not vegan, or even vegetarian, he self-confessedly ate insane quantities of chicken while training for Wolverine. But probably got the bag in connection to their food supplements while bulking up.

  • G Monkie

    That is pretty cool. That is my friends company. Brendan Brazier. Check Brendan out here:

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