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We’re big Nigel Barker fans around here! From his humanitarianism work around the world to his steadfast dedication to end the seal hunt in Canada, Nigel proudly raises his voice for those who lack a voice of their own.

Barker recently shared his thoughts on the situation in Haiti, the seal hunt in Canada and going green in an exclusive interview with our pal Joshua Katcher on

In the piece, Nigel said: 

“Look, instead of hunting these animals and treating them like worthless skins and killing them in such a brutal manner where you skin them alive 45 percent of the time — instead how about putting them on your flag? How about celebrating these animals? How about being proud of it, using it as a sign of patriotism and sort of cherishing your wildlife as oppose to mindlessly and senselessly killing it? ”

Can I get an amen? 

If you have a few minutes, MAKE SURE you head on over to and check out the whole interview. 

Incidentally, Nigel and I will both be speaking at this year’s Go Green Expo in New York City. On April 18th, Nigel will be presenting his documentary, A Sealed Fate, and on the 19th I’ll be speaking on a panel about Green Leadership. To get your tickets for the event, visit! See you there!!

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  • RemyC

    After so many years, how can this still be an issue? I remember when Patrick Moore of Greenpeace, who has since become a pro-nuclear activist out of desperation, invited Brigitte Bardot to Canada to help with their protest. At the rate these seals are being killed, how many can there be left? We’ve already destroyed 90% of the fish in the ocean. Man seems determined to hunt every species to extinction, then turn on himself. We need a miracle.