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What previously we thought might only grace the small screens of those with HBO is now coming to a theater near you. Edward Norton’s Obama documentary — now officially titled: BY THE PEOPLE: The Election of Barack Obama — will be receiving a theatrical release from HBO Documentary Films. In addition, SONY Pictures has acquired from HBO all media rights internationally (excluding UK television) and domestic home entertainment rights.

As we write earlier, Norton was inspired by Barack Obama’s speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention and felt moved to capture someone from his generation — and not his parent’s — inspiring so many and rising in leadership. Since 2006, starting with Obama’s trip to Africa, Norton and his Class 5 Films production company have had the cameras rolling every step of the way. The whole project was kept fairly secret — since neither the campaign nor Norton wanted it to fuel any criticism of Obama’s ‘celebrity’.

“Obama’s election was, clearly, a global event which people all over the world felt deeply about on both political and emotional levels. From the start, it was very important to us to share this film with as broad an international audience as possible and we’re really thrilled to be partnered with Sony in trying to achieve this because no company has more experience or reach in both the world markets and home video,” said Producer Edward Norton.

Regardless of what side of the political spectrum you fall into, this film will offer a really fascinating look at the behind-the-scenes of American politics — especially as it pertains to someone seeking the Presidency. I’m looking forward to it. Are you?


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  • KatLuvsShoes

    Oh wow. I can’t wait to catch this one. Obama is such an inspiring leader, and this movie may illuminate just how he managed to pull off one of the most impressive political victories in recent times.

  • Kent

    Nice! 2 of my fave dudes partnered up like this is all it takes to get me in a movie theatre … except for today becuz I’m *just* about to head to finally see monsters vs. aliens 3D.

  • herwin

    no i am not looking forward to it. its hot air about false expectations.
    the guy just started his job, lets wait and see what he actually achieves, that’s more interesting.

  • CB

    To answer your last question – NO! Who cares about Obama – sorry to tell you, this was already done in 2004 by Nancy “The POS” Pelosi’s daughter.

  • hardtobelieve

    it was hard to believe, that someone with Norton’s high intellect, could possibly believe Obama, is a good man, let alone leader. the speech that inspired, was from an obviously great writer!
    Not one word, from the heart or mind of Obama. Just great words, from a speechwriter. only Obama’s lips, were moving. this is a huge disappointment to know, one more great mind, tricked by fancy words.

    • stam


  • Jack

    We don’t need more Obama crap, the guy is all over, in your face constantly.

    • adam

      What crap is that excactly that “we” dont need more of?

  • stupidfools

    its unbelievable that anyone is so stupid to bother to film this, unless it’s an old actor riding a wave of hypocrisy, cause he needs press. hollywood is really stupid.